Saturday, December 17, 2011

some advice would be most helpful

Well, it's not very much important.... I mean, it's important to me!  But you might find it's not important.  Let me just tell you what has been on my mind lately.  *sigh* ..... Okay.  I'm thinking of starting a new blog on the side of it's my life.  That's it!  I have been seriously thinking of starting a new blog.  Not to take in place of it's my life, though!  I would never give this blog up for anything ;) 

But I need your help, people!  I won't tell you guys about my new blog ideas, but please give me some advice or something letting me know that you would like to see me have a new blog or not.  Leave me a comment, guys!  Your thoughts matter to me very much so.  Thanks!


Thursday, December 8, 2011

HO! to the third power

You know when it's the Christmas season when your algebra teachers' "joke of the day" is HO! to the third power..... get it???

Well let's see here, why have I not posted in ages?  Because of life, I guess.  That seems too lame doesn't it?  I don't really know, most of it is because of my homework, I am still trying to budget my time wisely.  You ever get that?  Oh I've done a lot of homework, I'll finish the rest by the end of the week before it's due.  Uh-uh! Don't do that.  Sadly I still don't know how I get behind even if I do seven hours of school work a day.  Whatever...

I wish I did have for time to blog... or at least, the urge to post about something.  It's seems like I do this a lot now.  I post a few things that are interesting, leave for three weeks, post a "sorry guys" post, another two weeks gone by, another "Sorry guys" post, and it all repeats itself.

I've also been getting really bored with my free time.  I already downloaded all of the msn games I love and finished them like twice!  I've played my Toy Story 3 xbox game a million times over, I'm running out of new movies to watch and I'm half way through all of my "old" 2000 movies.  I think I need to get outside more.  I'm homeschooled, right?  So I am stuck in the house all day doing homework, and by the time I'm done with most of my homework for that day, it's already dinner time.  I go to an amazing youth group, but that's only once a week, and for the rest of the week I only go out for groceries with the fam or to church. 

Should I include something else in my life?  I'm thinking maybe trying out for a volleyball thing, but high schoolers tend to get competitive when you're in sports (and that just ain't me), I want to do it for fun, you know?  I'm trying to think of some other sport I'm good at.  I can't do anything like dribbling or kicking a soccer ball into a net... trust me!  I am not very coordinated at all.  Though I do enjoy volleyball!  I had fun "bouncing" the ball in the air last summer.  I want to join a gym so I can get my blood pumping a few times a week, but the thing is, they charge so much at gyms, I can't drive and our family doesn't have the time to be driving around and back-tracking.  I'd go on a walk around the block, but it gets really boring taking the same route.  I'm so confused (you: as am i!)!!!

*sigh*...... I really needed that guys;P  Thanks for reading and if I have a lot of bad grammar and misspelled words in here it's because I'm writing this past my bed time!  Goodnight, all =)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

prayer request

My dear bloggie friends, Chelsea, is going through a lot right now.  If you think of her, pray for her!  She's trying to set aside some time for both of her amazing stories and on top of that her Grandpa is in the hospital.  Please pray for her, guys!  Thank you;]

Dear God,
I pray that you will comfort Chelsea and her family; that you will overwhelm them with your love and your understanding.  I pray for her Grandpa, that if he doesn't have a personal relationship with you, you will help him realize that you have saved all of our lives because of your son.  I pray that you will help Chelsea have some time to work on her stories, and that she will do it all for you.  Thank you, God!

Chelsea, know that I will be thinking of you!  I will keep praying for you;]

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

rain rain come and stay

;]  I do love the sun.  I do.  But I really love the rain.  Sure it can be bothersome at times; the rain will get on your glasses, you step into a huge puddle (on accident) on the way into a grocery store (i hate that feeling), you slip in the mud, you get wet and cold.... heck, rain can be extremely bothersome!  But at the same time;]  it's amazing!  I love how rain can perk you up in moments where you are all in a huff. 

To me, rain feels so romantic.  Does that sound weird?  There are always those moments in romantic/comedy movies where the guy chases after the girl on her way to the airport (i don't know *haha*) in the rain.  She's mad at him for something and they argue in the rain, not really caring about the rain but each other.  And then those magic words slip from the guys mouth, "I love you!"  They usually shout over the rain, which I love!  When they kiss (cause you know at the end of a movie, there has to be a kiss), sparks fly even with the pouring rain.  Their hair and clothes are drenched.  I love movies like those. 

I remember when I was, like, twelve, I went outside in the rain and jumped on our trampoline.  After a while, I just sat in the rain.  I didn't mind it, really.  When I came in sopping wet, my brothers were like, "That's a new way to take a shower!"  Boys will be boys;]  Gotta love 'em.

Do you guys listen to Taylor Swift?  I love her songs, they are so amazing.  One of her songs called Fearless is so inspiring;]  It always makes me smile!

What do you guys think of the rain?  Do you hate it, do you love it?  Are you both? 

This post is for you Rain!  Rain rain, please come and stay (for me?) =]


Saturday, November 12, 2011

don't be fake

I watched this video six months ago and I was in complete awe, "So that's how they do it..." I thought.

Strive to be real, girls!  Because not every girl you see on a magazine is real; don't be fake! 

Friday, November 11, 2011

crazy obsessions

Hello all.  I am kind of at a loss of words today so I thought I would just... I don't know..... (i am at a loss for words, here), Hmmmmmmm... Oh, I know!  I thought I would post about some of my crazy obsessions!  Sorry for the weird intro, I didn't know how to start this post so I just wrote random stuff....yeah;]  I don't know how many crazy obsessions I'm going to add to this "list"  but I'll just write when one comes to me for now.

crazy obsession number one:  Makeup
I am so obsessed about makeup.  Almost more than Tangled!  I know... scary.  I am constantly looking up makeup tutorials and reviews for fancy makeup and stuff.  One time when I was being a real snot to my parents, they kept taking things away from me like friends, ds, computer.  Finally it got to the point where I didn't really care about missing out on those things.  My parents thought about my obsessions for the longest time, trying to find my weakness.  After about two minutes scrambling for a punishment, my dad blurted out, "No makeup for tomorrow!"  He had found my weak spot; the whites of my eyes must have gotten smaller because my dad laughed with success (it was almost hard not to laugh with him though cause mom joined in),"Noooooooooooo!!!"  Nevertheless, the next day, I did not wear makeup.  I am so obsessed with makeup.

crazy obsession number two:  Tangled [you: here we go...]
I have been in love with everything about Tangled; the art, the voices, the characters, the colors, everything!  I have a Rapunzel cup, a Rapunzel and Flynn Rider popcorn bowl that needs at least to bags of popcorn in it to fill it to the top, I have the soundtrack, the movie in Blu ray 3d, Blu ray (i don't even have a blu ray player), and dvd..... and I have watched the movie probably 20 times.... that's actually not a lot.  Although I did watch the movie in Spanish like three times;]  I keep telling myself, when I go to France someday, I'm going to pick up a copy of Tangled in French (cause they don't have it in french on the dvd i have).  And I desperately want the soundtrack in Spanish!  I am very much obsessed with Tangled (don't tell me i'm not!)

crazy obsession number three:  Animation
I can't even describe how much I love animation.  It makes me feel so free, and like I can do anything with a pen and paper.  I don't know how much else I can describe how I feel about art and animating;]

................................... I'm going to stop now.  I am;]  I'm tired, and I really am at a lost for words.  Though I might do some more of these on days I just feel like posting about a weird obsessions that I have;)  Goodbye for now,

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


So I am home from school, I have a new mud mask on right now that is so, so tight.  I haven't eaten since eight this morning, nevertheless I decided I'd check my blog;]  I have new followers!  Oh my goodness gracious me!  Thank you all so much for helping me guys.  And the great tips that you have given me;] 

I know it seems real picky to ask for followers on a blog, and maybe I am real picky.  But I was thinking through my own little thoughts a few nights ago (uninterrupted, yes).  I kept thinking, God!  Don't you want me to have followers so I can reach people who don't know you????  Don't you want me to share this amazing news to people who haven't heard about you, or share to people from a teenagers perspective?  Then I realized.  What.  Am.  I doing?  Am I really doing this for God, or am I doing it for popularity?  To be honest, I know it was mostly for popularity.  I thought about it.  I ran the question through my mind and now I know it was for popularity.  I felt an overwhelming darkness sweep over me in that moment, yet my mind was opened and crystal clear.  I pray now, that God will work this "followers" thing out by Himself, I want Him to work out who comes across my blog.  And I pray that whoever comes across my blog will come away with spiritual encouragement and maybe a new way of thinking things on what goes on in a Christian teenage girls mind.  Heck, I don't care if they go away thinking I'm just a kooky little teenager.  Starting today, my "white flag" is flying around on this post.  I am forfeiting my goal.  Not because I thought I would fail but because I want my followers to actually like me and not just follow me because I beg them to. 
To those of you new followers out there, welcome.  I hope you enjoy my blog and if you don't, well that's okay.  To the followers I've had for a while, I thank you so much for everything.  I still would like it if you tell your friends about my blog, or just mention it, "Hey my friend has a blog, you should check it out sometime."  That is all I ask, you don't have to do anything else.  I hope God will bring the people He wants me to blog to, to my blog so I can encourage them or help them become part of God's family. 

You know.... I have never had a botox (did i even spell that right???) in my entire life, but this mask I have on feels like I just got one;]  Au revoir my dear friends.

Friday, November 4, 2011

help me!

I just realized.... it's November!!!!!  Christmas is in a month in half!!!! I need your guy's help!  Can you spread the word about my goal, please!  Tell people to come to my blog and.... follow me?  Maybe?  I really want to make it to 100 hundred followers by Christmas (or more;] )  So if you have a lot of followers or friends, please tell them for me;]  You don't know how much you guys have inspired me this past year of blogging;]  Please spread the word for me!

Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween

I told myself for the longest time this past month that I was not going to go trick-or-treating like the other kids in our neighbor-hood.  The 43 degree weather gets a bit chilly when we girls go out in skirts and short sleeve costumes, so why should we not go out?  Unlike my brothers or any other boy that's trick-or-treating, because they wear long capes and masks over their faces which make them sweaty hot when they come back home.

But alas, after quite some thinking, I decided I will go out trick-or-treating.  Sure I'll get cold and almost freeze myself to death but hey!  1 it's a tradition!  and 2 i get tons of candy!!!  Urg!  I need my candy >=]

You guys are probably wondering what I'm dressing up as.  Well, i can tell you right now, it's the best one I have ever had and the first one my mom and I have ever made together.  Instead of putting up pictures, I'll have you watch the video that I got all of my ideas from;]  Enjoy!

Happy Halloween!  I hope you will trick-or-treat this year and not put it off because you think you are too old for it;]  Love,

Monday, October 24, 2011

life happens

This is the first time I have ever really taken time off of my blog before.  Ever!  I don't think I have gone away from my blog for three whole weeks;]  It's kind of sad.  I had to post you guys a little something because if I didn't, I'd probably forget about 'it's my life' and if one of my friends was like, "Oh, how's that blog of yours going?"  I'd be all like, "Me?  I have a blog?" 

So you see, I'm just teenager.  I'm trying to figure out what I have time for and what I don't have time for in life with all of the homework I've got in my overstretched backpack.  Homework is great when I get it all done, but it seems to creep up on me again the week after that.  If you're wondering why I'm blogging in my life instead of doing my homework, it's because it's an uninterrupted morning.  My family and I just got back from a weekend with our great grandparents, and it wasn't even an exciting weekend so I won't even go into that.  But Mom and Dad decided we would take this Monday morning and turn into the Saturday morning we missed from our little weekend get-away.  Now we're all just taking it easy, watching cartoons, etc.

Until now, I've noticed that.... life happens.  It happens fast!  A few weeks ago my mom and I found ourselves talking about drivers ed courses.  Next June, I'll be going to Europe!  And even as the school year goes by, I can't stop thinking about how all of this is forming me into me before I go to college.  The way my school is giving us homework is preparing me for college homework (in a way), I find myself being more confident around older kids at school, and even budgeting my money(sort of).  Overall, I'm doing this so I can work real hard to get to my dream job, being a Disney or Pixar animator.

I am reminded of the song "Almost  There"  from the Disney movie "The Princess and the Frog".  You know the song, right? 

I am almost there!  I have four more years until I'm in college, and then four more years after that for college.  A year isn't really that long, guys!  This year felt like it was shorter than ever and it's almost over.
I'm done;)  I need some breakfast and cartoons or video games.  This is my morning off, then I have to smack my nose into those big old books again.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

i just realized

When I posted the Rebbecca Black music video, my stats all of a sudden went down *hahahaha*  People must really not like her music *heheh*

You know what I also realized... that I'm a complete dork! (you: you just realized that,now?)  Really I am.  Don't start pulling any sympathy from nowhere (you: uh... what sympathy???).  Yesterday at biology, my teacher decided we would play a biology based off of bingo.  After about ten to fifteen minutes of game instructions and saying "Don't say the answers out loud!" I blurt out "Lysosomes!" I knew the answer for sure.  I had studied super hard on Lysosomes, and I was willing to show off to someone in particular.  But when my teacher grinned at me, it was not a "good for you" kind of grin.  Oh no, this kind of grin was a "you just gave away the answer even though I told you NOT to!".  "Y-you're not supposed to say the answer." My teacher told me.  And the classroom filled with laughter and "nice going!" and "now we all know" and "bravo!".  And you wanna know the worst part?  They were all guys that said that (practically the whole classroom!).  Yep!  In my defence, I haven't played Bingo since the first grade and even then I've never understood the rules.  All I wanted to do was crawl under my desk as if it were a portal to Mars and stay on Mars until my Senior year (or you know. for the rest of my life!).  And the only way to communicate to the world would be through blogging. 

It's time for dinner.  Gotta go;P

Friday, October 7, 2011

for the love of friday

I'm too tired to ramble right now;]  Here's a video that's stuck in my head right now.  Try to enjoy it *haha*


i do not own this song:]

Thursday, October 6, 2011

one out of thousands of bible verses

Therefore we do not lose heart.  Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.  For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that outweighs them all.  So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen.  For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.
2 Corinthians 4:16-18  NIV

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

it's been a week

Yes it has my dear supporters!  You guys have left the sweetest comments this week and they were all so encouraging;]  I have stuck with my goal!  I haven't had any bubbly drinks and I feel amazing.  I was quite surprised when a few of you said you were against sodas or started the no soda goal.  We should totally start a group, like the No Soda Buddies group... I think it's kinda catchy;)  Oh, and those of you who are new commenters(is that even a word??)/followers, WELCOME!  I'm so glad you guys are apart of my life *heehee*  And please spread the word about my little goal(the 100 followers not the no soda goal)=D  I love me some new people... always *hahaha*  Cheers!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

a new goal???

So I think I'm going to start a new goal... well I already started yesterday, I guess.  But I'm worried that I'm going cave an drink the sweet bubbly goodness.  My sorta goal is this, "No Drinking Any Kind of Soda".  Now this sounds like a pretty good goal, simple and easy.  Nevertheless, I had a hankering for a perky soda (diet coke... yummm!) when I came home from school (i was very tired!).  I'm not really supposed to have caffeine, but every once in a while Mom and Dad get me a white chocolate frap.  from our favorite coffee stand and/or let me sip on a can of diet Coke.  I've only had a few diet Cokes/Cokes in my life, and I really liked them.  *heehee* 

In the past few months, after I drink a soda (usually a RB, orange soda, or sprite [all diet])  I've been feeling... weird?  I guess.  Like, my tummy feels bloated and if I drink it too fast I get the little hiccup burps (i know, so un-lady like!), but you gals know what I'm talking about right?  About two months ago I dropped all sodas out of my life for two weeks.  And the thing is, I felt A-mazing!!!!  I never felt like I was puffy bloated, I never got the hiccup burps (we'll just call them lady burps, it sounds more elegant [oh my, elegant!]), and I even shed a few pounds!  I know right?  I thought the 'diet' part in diet sodas made everything in the sodas not count.  But hey, who really cares (the fact was, i had lost some poundage!!!)?!  As soon as I got back into drinking sodas again, everything went switch-a-roo on me again.  The bloating started up again, the lady burps, the pounds that were once lost had been found and reunited with their "hip" friends (did you get the joke?  haha...).  You get the picture...

So here's to a new goal (yes, i just decided the goal is official... please cheer me on!) I just thought I'd happen to share with you.  A toast!  (with water of course, what else can i drink for a toast that's age appropriate???)  Happy day to you all!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

i love me some rice cakes and tootsie pops

Remember that one post that I said I had a hankering for some healthy foods.  Well this post is the complete opposite!  When I got home from school, I scarfed down to rice cakes (my all time favorite snack) and I am currently sucking crunching on my second tootsie pop (orange, yum!).  I guess rice cakes are pretty healthy for the most part but still (they taste so good, they should be unhealthy... but they're not.  maybe that's why i love them so much!!!  stay healthy rice cakes!)  I feel like another tootsie pop (cause ya know, i finished my second in less than 3.5 seconds)  Maybe I'll go cherry.  Or chocolate, cause I love chocolate.  But then again my first tootsie pop was chocolate.  Oh well!  Maybe I'll have another rice cake instead (that not a bad idea at all!).*looking at orange wrapper*  Ooh!!!!  I got  the Indian star dude!!!!  Treat yourself to a tootsie pop or a rice cake;]  On me!  (well not really, you have to provide those for yourself *oops*)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

all is well here/ blogger book review!

Hello all;)  I needed to say that to you guys instead of just ignore you all for a few weeks *heheheh*  School is going well, I'm getting adjusted to my schedule but the homework is still driving me mad.  So a lot (only a few really) have asked me what it's like now to have contacts.  At first they were a pain to get in, they used to take a half an hour to get them in.  But now it's a matter of minutes to get them in.  And they sometimes get globby so I have to take 'em out and put some solution in them.  Getting them out is the coolest thing ever!!! I know it sound gross but it looks like I'm peeling a layer of my eye off (tmi, i know!)  But the fact that I'm able to pinch my eye with out feeling anything is the coolest thing eva!!!  Anyway;]

So you might be wondering, what's this review thing about?  As most of you know I started a book blogging thing where people send me books (that i personally chose from their selection) and I have to review them!  I know, right?  So this one book that I've been meaning to post a review on for who knows how long, that's the book I'll be reviewing today!  The book is called "The Dragons of Chiril" by Donita K. Paul.

What did you think of it:  I love, love, loved the authors words!  She has a great voice to her story, but sometimes she rambles on on some things that really don't need to be rambled about (you: so what have you been doing for the last year, allie??)  One thing I'd have you guys note is that it's hard to get into the book.

Who would you recommend it to:  I'd recommend it kids in Junior or Senior high.  But most importantly, people who have time on their hands to read it.  I love the book but a lot of the times I didn't have time to read it cause it was really detailed stuff that I would have to know later on.

How many stars would you rate this: *** stars

Thank you guys so much for stopping by!  I read and love all of your comments;]  Keep spreading the word about my goal (below followers gadget)!  To those of you who have, thank you so much (you are quite a blessing to me!)  Until a few days (or something)


I was not payed at all to review "Dragons of Chiril".  I am part of the Blogging for Books Co.  that lets me review books in my own opinion.  Thank you!

Friday, September 16, 2011

here i am

With time aside from school, I thought I'd tell you about yesterday.  I got my first pair of monthly contacts!  I know;)  I am still flabbergasted that I can see with out my glasses *heehee*  It took over a half an hour to get one contact in and the same for the other contact.  I feel really grown up... in some weird way.  I mean grown ups are supposed to have responsibilities, right?  I've started high school which has made me spend more time on studies than anything else.  And contacts are a big thing that a lot of grown ups wear.  I don't know, maybe I'm just tired and rambling is the only thing I can do;)  Plus on top of everything I have a cold  ;[  Not fun!  Have a splendid Friday.  I'll be here. at my house. in my pj's. watching Veggie Tales... what, don't grow ups watch that?  *sipping oj*......

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

can i take a nap, eat, and do my homework at the same time?

If that were only possible, I'd do all of those in an instant!  School has been eating me alive, lately.  I love my teachers and two girls from my youth group are in a few of my classes, but the homework has trampled over me like a herd of teddy bears.... mean.  teddy bears.  Like Lotso from Toy Story 3.

I wouldn't hurt a itty bitty little butterfly <=D ....... >=D *heheheh*
The homework looks so innocent until you come home and then BAM!  The homework turns into a little monster that takes everything away from you (and i mean everything!)!  Late night tv shows or movies, GONE.  Snacks, GONE (i'm so hungry, haven't had time to eat lunch yet!).  Sleeping, GONE!  One, two, three, GONE!!!!  (okay, so the insanity has actually gone to my brain, too!  you: oh really?  i hadn't noticed.... sarcasm....)  The little monster took everything from me (though i managed to save my computer, i can't believe it's been a week since my last post!?)

So here, a post from me; I'm still alive but swamped with even more homework than last week.  Prayers would still be helpful, just if you happen to think of me;)  If you don't think of me that's fine, too!  

The thing I do like about high school is that you have a fresh new ego.  When I was in elementary and in middle school, I had braces and a retainer before any of my other class mates.  And to be down right honest, I was a complete dork!  I won't mention any of the stupid/silly things I did because then you would never eva' want to visit my life anymore.  But now that I have grown up (in some way) I don't feel like I'm at the bottom of the food chain.  Maybe it because I'm doing high school through a co-op... I don't know!  But I had some person ask me what my name was today at co-op as I helped the teacher pass some papers.  Hey!  At least it's a start:]  I hope to survive by next week to tell you guys all that's happening!  I will be wearing the armor of God!  Triumphantly=D


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

i have to go back again?!

When it was my little brother's (nick) first day of Kindergarten, I don't think he was that thrilled about going to school.  He had, after all, an older sister (me!) who always complained about "how much home work" she had (but it was just two easy-peasy pieces of paper), what kid wouldn't want to get "loads" of homework?  I didn't think so.  After his first day, the family was just anxious to hear how Nick's first day had been.  "Great!"  He said.  "Are you ready to go back tomorrow and see your new friends?" We had asked.  "What?!?!  You mean I have to go back again?!?!  I think I change my brain...!"

Today was my fist day of high school at my home school co-op!  I'm am surprised I am even awake enough to type this out:]  Still a little groggy from algebra at eight thirty this morning.  After my third class (english) I was done for the day (I have another class at our local high school, and we do a few more at home)!  "I did it." I told myself as I walked out of Mrs. J's class room, "I finished high school!"  I just barley stopped in my tracks as I walked back to homeroom to meet Mom, "Today was the first day of school!?" I managed to scream in my expanded brain, "I...... have....... homework?????  Oh my goodness!  I have homework!  It's my first day of school!!!  I have to finish this homework by..... next Wednesday (okay so that part isn't that bad)????.....

"I'm in High School!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!"

I had a mini (okay massive) panic attack; right then and there as I walked to homeroom.  "I think I change my brain..." I thought to myself.  But I have to look outside the box.... some kids my age don't get education... as much or at all!  I should be really thankful... but it's almost hard to be.  I know that from now on, all my work that I do in school, is going to be recorded into a large binder, and it tells colleges what kind of a student I am.  I know for a fact, that I want to go to a great college!  And if I want to go to a great college, I'm gonna have to work for it!  Maybe that's why I had such a huge panic attack, because I'm stepping into the real world now.  If I want something done I need to work at it or for it. 

Thank you to all who prayed for my first day of high school!  Overall my first day was great!  It really was.  If you happen to think of me or my blog, please pray for me still;)  I think I'll need it for a while.  I'm off to take a nap and then hit the News... Mrs. J's orders:)  (the news part, not the snoozing!)


Monday, September 5, 2011

waking up is hard

After some what cleaning my room, I found the manual to my iHome, which I had been looking for for a long time (1 day seems like a lot when high school starts in less than a week).  I was looking for the manual cause I needed to know how to work the iHome alarm clock.  After the first day of trying to figure it out, I started waking up at 6:45 am (for two days) so I could get used to waking up around that time when school starts.  Sounds right, right?

I was telling my Boppa (grandpa) yesterday my new schedule for high school, and what time I'm going to get up.  He nodded his head and said to me, "But make sure you go to bed at least around nine.  If you go to bed around ten you won't go to bed right then so you may be only going to bed at eleven!"  I really didn't want to go to bed by nine, I was sure of that. 

When I went to bed last night (around ten to eleven), I had the hardest time waking up this morning.  Sure my alarm clock went off and I turned it off to let it know I was getting up... but you know what?  I slept in for another five hours (almost six)!!!  I just got up at eleven thirty, stumbled down the stairs, blindly pored some Lucky Charms and some milk into a bowl and decided to blog about it;]  I know kind of a lame post about sleeping, but hey!  It's my life, after all:)

So from here on out (even though it will be super hard to miss new episodes of the office) I will be going to bed by nine pm!  Thanks Boppa;]  I really know what you meant, now!  


Friday, September 2, 2011

that's good to see!

My family and I were in Costco having dinner, and before I could sink my teeth into the ooy-chewy goodness of their fabulous pizza, Mom said we should pray.  Though we were all starving, we agreed with her and bowed our heads.  After Mom prayed and we all looked up, a bald guy with a tattoo on his arm and a big smile said to us, "That's good to see!"  Not in a sarcastic way, but in a, 'Good for you Brothers and Sisters!  We don't see people pray over fast food anymore!' (not that i'm bragging about us praying for fast food, but it was basically what he had said)

Moments like those you don't really have anything else tp say but smile big and say 'thank you'.  After he walked over to his table I suddenly got a funny line that I thought I could have said, but I decided not too;]  If I told you the line (made by moi) it might come out weird...  The line was "I'll be seeing you..."  What I meant was in Heaven!!!  That if he was a Christian I would be seeing him in Heaven.  When I told my brothers, it took them a while to figure it out. 

Do you guys have moments like these?  Not with the line thing, but seeing other Christians throughout a grocery store, or at a park, or something?  It feels good, seeing other Christians.  Cause we will be seeing them!!!  Bye for now, people.  I'll be seeing you........ ;]


Thursday, September 1, 2011

there's a blog out there...

And you must go to it... now!  One of my dear bloggie friends and I have grown our own little friendship in the Bloggie World;)  I never knew that I would come across a great friendship on Blogger, before I started blogging that is.  The Scribbler is my bloggie friend I'm talking about right now!  She has two amazing blogs filled with poems, posts on what's going on in her life and exclusive pages to her new book she's hoping to publish soon:D 

Go to her blogs and follow her, cause heck, she'll be famous some day (soon, i believe ;] ) and don't you want to tell all of your friends someday, "I was one of the Scribbler's first followers on both of her blogs!"  And heck, she's one of the nicest bloggers in Bloggie Land!  Another thing I'll tell you about The Scribbler, she leaves the nicest comments ever!  And who doesn't want that?

The Scribblers Blogs

Scribbler, I hope you know that you have meant the most to me when I'm blogging;)  When I see a new post on your blog or a comment you've left for me, my smile gets three times bigger=D  (see?!)  This post is for you, girl!  I'm so glad we've become such great friends (who knew the computer could do such a thing?),


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

i'm back

I am finally back from vacation;)  Yay!  I'm tired and.... well, that's just it, I guess.  Tired.  Nothing else, just plain old tired.  So I'm going to take a break from blogging until I regain my blogging strength (oh yeah!).  Plus I just got The Art of Tangled and the second to last book in the Left Behind the kids series... both from the library (squee!!!!)!!!  So I will be pretty occupied with both of those.  Plus my home school co-op starts on Wednesday (nooooo).  Plus plus it's my first year of high school.  Plus plus plus (okay i need to stop after this *haha*) I have three classes at my co-op and one class at our local high school (of course i'll have other classes at home) =O  How will I ever survive?!?!  For those of you who aren't homeschoolers, it's kinda hard to go back to 'school school' after being home schooled for so long.  But then again, it is my first year of high school, so other kids my age have to go through the exact same thing:]  Oh, well;]  Prayers would be helpful.  Your comments have been the sweetest and most comforting (they always have)!!!


Monday, August 29, 2011

hey y'all

I know you're thinking I shouldn't be back by now from my little vacation.  And yes, you are correct:)  I am not back.  I am at a Microsoft visitor center as I type this out.  I still have two days before I will be officially home.  I thought I'd write all of you and let you know that I am still a living human being;)  And to all who have given  me wonderful comments in the past few days, thank you!  It made me smile like no one else's business..... *smile* 

So until a few more days I bid you a good bye.  If you are also wondering if my stats have gone up, you are also correct!  I have had a few people click on my blog that I did not even know:D  So happy!!!  Love you my dearies;)


Monday, August 22, 2011

bye bye blog

At least for the week that is.  What?  Did you really think I was going to delete my purty little blog, and when I'm getting so into the blogging world?!  I don't think so;)  As of today I will be gone for a week to get away for a fun week of fun-ness!  So, if you are new to my blog, whether you are here for the first time, a new follower, or you've stayed a while and don't feel like admitting it, feel free to explore my blog some more!  Go to some of my pages at the top of my blog, go to older posts, do whatever:D 

Is it wrong or weird to have a goal for your blog?  I mean like a 'get as many followers as I can on my blog' goal.  Well, if it is... don't say anything;)  Cause I'm starting one.  This is my goal:

"Get up to 100 followers on 'it's my life' by Christmas"

  I know it's a stretch but I'm willing to take the challenge.  I already have twenty three amazing followers, and I am so happy for each one of them:)  So twenty three followers, I need your help to accomplish this huge goal of mine!  Cheer me on, spread the word, blog about, whatever;)  This means the world to me, friends!  Au revoir!


Friday, August 19, 2011

mouth watering.... in the oddest way

Do you ever crave a simple snack?  Do you ever crave a simple healthy snack?  So simple you could walk into the kitchen, rub it on your sleeve for an extra shine and crunch into it?!  Well, my cravings lately (lately meaning, just a few minutes ago) have been for a nice apple!!!  Isn't it such a simple healthy snack??? 

I had my first huge apple after playing Halo with my cool dudes (brothers) and their awesome best friend.  When I bit into the crisp apple.... I don't even know if I could describe it!  It was almost like it was the first time I had tasted an apple.  Which is weird, cause I had an apple a few days ago....

Maybe it had something to do with the different kinds of apples we had.  A week ago we were stocked with Red Delicious apples and now we just stocked up on Fuji apples.  I think Fuji's are defiantly my new favorite;)  Yup!  It's official:)  I'm a for sure most definite Fuji apple craver/lover!

I think I'm craving something..... could it be another Fuji?  I don't know;)  It could be baby carrots with lite bleu cheese dressing (mmmmmm....), or celery with ranch dip.... and HOT WINGS!  Okay that's not as healthy..... :P

What healthy, yet totally simple snack are you craving the most right now?


Thursday, August 18, 2011

disney or pixar?

As many of you know, it's been my dream for the past several months to become a Disney Animator!  Ever since I have watched  Tangled (made by disney), I knew right then what God had called me for.  It was really a sign that I was supposed to be a Disney Animator!  Maybe that's why I love it so much;) 

Nevertheless, I have stumbled upon a new option.... Pixar.  I saw a video on YouTube the other day of John Lassetter giving a tour of Pixar studios.  It was so amazing watching all of the animators at work and how John L.  dealt with things.  I had been trying to find one of these videos for Disney's Animation studios, but had no luck. 

The video was so warm and welcome, as if I was really talking to John Lassetter!  It made me so badly and desperately wanting to work at Pixar, right then and there.  But then I remembered that it was DISNEY that made me want to be an animator, so why shouldn't I go with Disney!?!?!  I had to remind myself, "Allie!  Your are only fourteen!!!  You won't be dealing with any of these questions and sort until you're in college!  Slow the heck down..."

But after having this moment of.... shock I guess,  I've been having thoughts on whether or not I'm evening going to be an animator?!  What if God has called me to do something else besides Disney or besides Pixar!!??  What if, what He wants me to do in the future is something I haven't even thought of as an option???


For now I'm praying.  I can't really do much about the future right now... like I said, I'm fourteen.  You can't do much when you're fourteen.  But I know that if I pray, God will make things a little bit more visible and more clear as I grow up;) 

This is me calling out to you for guidance!  I don't know the plans you hold for me, only you know.  I pray that you will give me strength as i go into high school as I try to figure these things out and that you will be with me, mom, and dad as we now start to go through this new chapter in my life.  Please help me become a stronger Daughter of Christ, Lord, so I may strive to learn your ways for me and to help reach others.
Thank you, God!  In your name I pray Amen!

I know I've used this verse a lot on my blog, but I have to use it again;)

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
Jeremiah 29:11 NIV


Friday, August 12, 2011

for the love of friday

I feel bad.  I haven't really done any actual post 'posts'  for 'for the love of friday'.  Sure I post videos and pictures, but I need to update more on stuff... just for the love of Friday!!!

So I guess I'll talk about hair stuff (please know that i was not paid to talk about this brand).  First off, I guess I should say my hair does not do well with a lot of product hair stuff.  It doesn't work with mouse (at all) or any other thick products.  They just weigh my hair down and do the complete opposite of what it really is supposed to do o.O  Are you with me?  I'll take that as a yes;)

So I bought this hair stuff (which is a product) that I had seen in a magazine.  The product is called Bed Head 'after party'.  I am super happy with this product!  It's supposed to make your hair nice and smooth, catch fly away hairs, and (the most important thing of all) it makes your hair smell so GOOD!!  When I first tried it on my hair, I think I used to much, cause my hair looked a little greasy.  But I tried it on the next morning and I looked so good!  This is the first product I have actually found that works for my hair and that I also like the smell of.  Like I said, Bed Head did not pay me to advertise this on my blog, I am just really happy this worked for me;)

Directions by *Allie*:  After your hair is dry from taking a shower, pump the cream like base into your hand.  Half the size of the tip of your pinkie is all you need to use.  Anymore and you might get really greasy hair.  That would not look pretty;(  Rub all over the palms of your hands and the tips of your fingers, rake your hands through the bottom of your hair and make your way to the top of your head.  Wash hands to get any left over product on your hands off.  I wouldn't brush through your hair, I would just use your fingers to get through any messed up part of your hair.

Thank you lovelies!  I hope you guys enjoyed 'for the love of friday'.  If this is your first time stopping by, leave me a comment or follow me!  I'd be happy to have you aboard;) 


i did not get paid for advertising this Bed Head product.  i was just simply telling to you all how much i enjoyed it.  thank you!  *Allie*

Thursday, August 11, 2011

one out of thousands of bible verses

Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.
Galatians 6:10  NIV


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

dream sick

What do you think of dreams?  For me... well, I guess it goes up and down... like a roller coaster.  Sometimes I have the worst nightmares beyond belief, other times it's weird, like there's no sound to the dreams or it will be in black and white.  But there have been dreams that I have had lately... :)  That are weird but amazing at the same time.  I've been having a lot of dreams about this.... NOUN *haha* (you thought I was actually gonna tell you what I dreamt about)  And it's seems (after all the weirdness in the dream), when I reach this amazing part in my dream, I slowly start to wake up!  And I can feel myself drifting away from my dream.  I'm all like, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! 

So what I try to do is suck my self back into my dream that I was currently having.  But as usual... it never really works.  And it's weird, cause after you have that amazing dream, you have a warm, fuzzy feeling in the pit of your stomach.... almost as if your dream really happened?

Funny thing is, I'm ready for the next dream!  I want to see what happens with me and the NOUN!  And no, I won't share to you lovelies what my dreams are all about, but.... I just can't get the fuzziness out of my head or tummy;)  Am I making any sense to you at all?  Or do you know how I feel... with dreams and such?


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

one of my dear bloggie friends

If you haven't been to this gals blog before.... well, I'm telling you.  You should:)  Sarah has a blog of all fashion and photography.  All of her pictures get to her point in each post, and hair is always stunning.  She is a Distant Dreamer....:)

Recently, Sarah was in a music video!  I liked it.  No.  Loved IT!  And I want to share it with you:)  Right now.  So stop reading, and watch this awesome video;)  Afterwards, go to Sarah's blog!



Friday, July 29, 2011

zoo tycoon and other distracting things....

For those of you who don't know what Zoo Tycoon is, it's a computer game that lets you create your own zoo with 'so' amount of money (really fun).  Well, I just got off of Zoo Tycoon after playing for over an hour and a half:)  Some people have their facebook that distracts them, I have my Zoo Tycoon!  I haven't played this game in years, so I decided to play the game, just for ol' times sake;)  So now I'm pretty much hooked... until I find something else that's more interesting.

Another game that I find myself on constantly is the xbox 360 Pixar Cars game .  Why, you might ask?  Cause it's fun!  You get to play as Lightning McQueen and drive around Radiator Springs which is in California!!! ............. Maybe that's why I like it so much...... I get to drive (and crash into as many other car beings as I want to with out getting a single scratch) AND..... I get to drive through CALIFORNIA!  Haha:) 

Before I found myself involved in these distracting beyond belief games, I was at my grandparents house painting, weeding, raking, shoveling dirt, weeding, and.... did I mention weeding ^o^  I did this for five day but had one of the best weeks of my life (coca cola, Starbucks coffee, and shopping... you can't beat that:)

Okay, so I just could not resist these:)

Did you know I had my own Buzz Lightyear action figure when I was... like two?
To be honest, I'm tired.  Not just from the weeding week, but from being on the computer for soooooooooo long o.O  I'm going to hop off now :)  Have a great weekend, where ever it may take you!  What are your favorite games you're distracted by?


disclosure:  visa, disney pixar and the 3D commercials did not pay me to put these on 'it's my life'.  i thought they were cute and funny and... like i said, i couldn't resist them;)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

happy birthday mom!

Today is one of my best friends birthday.  We talk about everything with each other.  She's given me amazing style tips and even taught me how to do my own laundry (haha).  She drives me to youth group every Wednesday night with out complaints.  She.... is my mom!

My mom is one of my few best friends, and she is always there for me!  Though she makes strict rules, it's what a smart parent should do, instead of letting her teen go with the flow like other teens.  Her motivator (i believe) is God!   She is always strong and faithful in the Lord.  And she makes me want to be exactly like her:)

Though, I've never had a sister, she, in some way, is like one to me.  Only better!  We share clothes all the time.  She always helps me with painting my finger nails cause I can never do them right.  We bake with each other.  Just about everything!

Mom is always willing to give insights and tips to me for the near future.  Like when we're driving, and someone makes a turn with out putting their turn signal on, which leaves Mom to slam on the brakes, she'll say, "Now when you're driving, make sure you put on your turning signal when you turn.  And when someone is doing something that you think they're going to stay doing but they don't, just be aware of those drivers around you."  Something like that:)  She also explains things I might not understand, like politics, other religions, boys, etc.  And I appreciate all of these explainations =D

Today is my Mom's birthday!  And this is what I want you to know (mom)!  This whole post is all that you remind me of:) {and more of course!}  I love you, Mom!  Happy Birthday:D



Thursday, July 14, 2011

say what?!

It's been a little (okay maybe a lot) over a month since school let out and there are already 'back to school savings!' and 'get your back to school stuff NOW!' and of course 'get these amazing school supplies your teachers are sure to approve on!!!' (i made that last one up, but you know what i mean); signs, posters, billboards, even t-shirts have these shout outs on them.  It drives me crazy!  Sure getting school supplies is so much fun, but not just after school ended! Stores these days:I

Oh, guess what!  I got a new curling iron yesterday at Target!!!  It is so amazing, I can get Taylor Swift curls (and who doesn't love those curls?)!  Though I managed to get a three inch burn on my neck.... don't ask.  But it's an amazing curling iron (i just need to get used to it a little more)!

look at this bad boy!  ain't it purty?!

gorgeous hair!

Summer's going well.  Just kind hanging around and what not:)  Though I feel like I want a job.  Not a chore job, but a job where you drive (or walk) to at a certain time a couple days a week.  But you know what really stinks?  It's that I'm fourteen.  I'm to young to do anything but chores around the house:(  Next year though, Mom says I might be old enough for bagging groceries at Safeway or something:I  Ah!  You get what you get and you don't get upset.... at least it's something.  I thing I'd rather like to work at Starbucks, Kohl's, Target, something like that.  But I still have to be older for that:( 

I can not wait for my fifteenth year on this planet Earth!  I'll be able to do a lot  of things then.  Get a (minor) job, start driving (yikes!), stuff like that:)  Well, I'm done:)  I've said what I needed to say today!  Until next time, friends.  Au revoir:)


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

california.... even the name feels warm!

To be honest right now, I want to be in California.  Sure it's gotten hotter up here.  This is actually the third day in a row that it's gotten up to and/or over eighty degrees:)  So yes, that is good great!

But right now, I want to be in California!  Maybe it's to see the palm trees, to hear the California ocean, to smell the citrus fruits along side the side walks..... or maybe I just down right want to be with DISNEY!  Disney is the new.....the new...... well, I can't think of anything now (let me tell you, it's not the new tangled because disney did that movie and that's what got me started with falling in love with disney.... partly why)!  But Disney is totally AWESOME!!!!

I love to day dream about going to college in California, on week nights and weekends I can work in the DisneyLand parks, buy my own little groceries, 'n' stuff;)

Though, there are some things I'm not as thrilled about.  I would be living two states away from my family, unless they decide to live in Cali!  I'll have to live in a different life style, such as,

*  going through LA (which, i've been to a part of that area, and came away in total shock and mumbling to myself, 'i want disney, i want disney, i want disney...')

*  driving rules will be different (state wise)

*  living on minimum wage 

*  living with out my family ;(

If I do decide to live in Cali.  I'll have to adjust to these things I listed and MORE!  Part of me (my dream part of me) is like, "I want to live in the Cinderella castle in DisneyLand, and I would get payed tons of money for being a sweater folder/stocking isles with fluffy animals/saying 'have a magical day' to visitors, and there would be a wardrobe in 'my' castle that would be like the one from Narnia, so then I could go anywhere I wanted at any time so I could see my family!".................. Enough said =I 

If I do decide to live in Cali., I know that absolutely 100% of my 'day dream' will...... NOT come true (except for the working in disneyland).  I would be living in the reality dream =I  So as far as dreams go, I still want to be a Disney Animator, and before that, I want to go to college in Cali., work week nights and weekends in DisneyLand..... and smell the citrus fruits:)

Thanks for stopping by and reading about my dreams, friends!  I'll chat with you later:D  If you need me, I'll be peeling lemons and smelling then like no one elses business!  Au revoir!


Saturday, July 2, 2011

un samedi en france: glen keane speaks french!

If you don't know who Glen Keane is, or the name rings a bell but you're still not quite sure who he is, well I can tell you right now:)  Glen Keane has animated Disney movies for years!  Encluding Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, and........................... Tangled!!!!  So, he's kinda what I like to look up the most on YouTube, for interviews, shots of him animating, etc.

I came up across this video of him, and I was listening to the interview and I'm like, "Wait!  This isn't English!?  This is french!!!"  I was (and am) so ecstatic about this video:D  Though.... I don't really know what they're are saying.... but it works for 'un samedi en france' (a saturday in france).... right?  Right.  Enjoy, friends (this video is almost a half an hour long so don't feel bad if you just watch a few minutes to get the feeling of it) :)  Au revoir!


Saturday, June 25, 2011

'we have a fresh selection of awkward! want me to wrap that up for ya?'

Going to the Grocery Store

boy in car: aww, we're going to the grocery store?!

father in car:  yep.

mother in car:  who wants to go with me?



father in car: alex go in with your mother.

allie in car: 'kay.

mother and allie go into the grocery store

grab things that's on the grocery list

go to check out stand




bag boy leans over counter and looks directly at allie

bag boy: where did you get those earrings?

(i was wearing my guitar pick earrings that said 'pick jesus')

*short silence*

shocked allie: uhh, oregan? (like there was a right or wrong answer)

bag boy: cool my aunt and uncle got married there!

mother:  really!  isn't it just a wonderful area!

bag boy: oh yeah!

allie: {nodding}

cashier lady: you two have a nice day, now, you hear?

mother: you too!

allie: {almost crashes into the swing open automatic doors} ugh, i just hate those doors.  they make it so hard....

mother: {looks behind and watches doors close} he was cute!!!!  {looks at allie for her expression}

allie:  yeah?

*long silence..... half way to the car*

allie: {looks at mother in the corner of her eye}

mother:  {giving allie a look of, eh-eh!}

allie:  mom!

mother:  {chuckles}



Friday, June 24, 2011

for the love of friday/thanks guys!

Thank you guys so, so much for voting for me!  It means the world to me:)

Sadly, the person that had the highest score on the 'highest ranked voters' on the Blogging for Books website, has close to or more than 40 voters..... the contest end in July and there are ....... (checking my calender)................ six days until the contest is over.

But!  Blogging for Books website has contests every month:D  So maybe next time!  For this post I want to thank all of my bloggie friends who voted for me (you guys are the best!) and for all of my awesome family members who voted for me as well (i love you all so much!)!  Thank you guys so, so much!

Now, it's Friday!!!!  Yay!  Today I'm going to talk about sunglasses:o 

Since I can't wear sunglasses (cause you know, i wear regular glasses), I always love looking at them in stores and magazines.  The other night, I swear I dreamed about them:D  Here are some sunglasses I can't seem to get off me mind:]

this one looks like a ski eye mask or... whatever

this ones my favorite!

i like the pink stripes in this one

california here i come!

Which one's your favorite?


Thursday, June 23, 2011

one out of thousands of bible verses

You, then, why do you judge your brother?  Or why do you look down on your brother?  For we will all stand before God's judgment seat.  It is written:  "'As surely as I live,' says the Lord, "every knee will bow before me; every tongue will confess to God.'"
Romans 14:10-11

I found this verse the other day and this just really struck me.  When I get to Heaven, I will confess my sins again to God, right in front of Him!  I have already confessed my sins to Him in a prayer, but it's almost a frightening thing to confess before the creator of the world every single one of your sins. 

I am probably the number one sister in the world who has to find something in her brothers, so they can get in trouble.  I am!  My brothers and I have fought everyday of our lives, and after reading this verse, I honestly started crying.  I prayed and cried to God, "This is not what I want my life to be!  Show me how to love my brothers!". 

It's almost funny, I think when we ask something from God, He gives us little challenges.  When I woke up the next morning, I got the usual wake up call from my brothers, "You have to make your bed before you can come down stairs!  How much cereal did you actually put into that bowl?" etc, etc.  So my first challenge from God didn't go so well for me those next two days.

But today, I'm ready for challenges!  But I think I need a prayer to go along with this challenge.  I can't do this challenge all on my own, you know.  God does help us get through challenges He's given us:)

Dear God,
Thank you for speaking to me through this verse.  I pray that you will hold my hand through all the challenges you've given me, and that you will give me guidance throughout the rest of the day.  God I also pray for those who have read the verse above, that it will give them a different point of view on things.  If they are the type to fight with there siblings or fight with some mean kids at school, I pray that you will soften their hearts towards that someone they do not like.  Hold their hand as they go through those challenges you have given them.  Let this verse you have given us, shine in the back if our minds, so that when we are tempted to fight our enemies, we will go the high road.  I love Father!  Bless all of your children with guidance, Amen


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I cleaned my room!

But it's only eight in the morning and I am way too lazy to do anything besides type this out:)  I spent all day yesterday cleaning all the nooks and crannies in my room (i didn't get under my bed or on top of my desk yet... I'll do that tomorrow), even my closet!!!!  I don't remember the last time I cleaned out my closet:O  All I know, is that it's been a loooong time.

So, for Father's Day, we got our dad a new vacuum (people who have pets, this is the sucker to get!).  Jump on over to my mom's blog, Two and a Half Dogs, who wrote an entire post on this 'speciel' guest:)  I used the vacuum, on our almost nine year old carpet, for my room.  Afterwards, my carpet felt so nice and cushy (which, is hard to find in an almost nine year old carpet).  Everyone in the house is actually fighting over who gets to vacuum which part of the house.... and this has been going on for three days (are carpets are gonna be cleaner then when we first got them!).

Oh, if you guys didn't realize, I have a new page up in the tab right above the post you're reading right now!  It's called, 'it's your life'.  And I'm working on a bunch more, but they're a little bit more , I don't know, I guess you'll just have to wait and see:)  So please, check out my new page!

Before I close up, and I know I'm going to sound rude and you're never gonna want to come back to my blog again, BUT....... there are only a few day until the contest, for Blogging for Books, ends!  And I really need your help!!!  Call up all of your friends, call your grandma, for those of you who have blogs maybe you could blog about it and link up with me, but tell anyone you know about this last minute vote.  I only need like ten or more before I can actually win the Flip HD camera!  If I win this camera, I'll be able to give you tours through my room, play guitar for you, do tutorials, and other amazing videos:D  BUT... I NEED YOUR HELP!!!  Click here for my post review on Blogging for Books.  And click here to get directions on how to vote for me:)

Thank you guys so so so much!!!  I hope this isn't your guy's last time here:)  I really do like friends and readers:D  Spread the word, please!


Monday, June 20, 2011

happy father's day

Sorry this ones a late one:)  Enjoy!

caption 1: for father's day, i'm giving you the greatest gift a son could give to his dad... caption 2: i'm finally going to "friend" you on facebook!

caption: some dad's will do anything to make sure you send them a card.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

surprise.....wait, this can't be the-- oh my goodness!!!

So much to tell, so much to explain, your head might just blow up from reading this post (a figure of speech, my friends. please do read on.)

Well, I was going to wait until I got this book, but I have to tell you for you to get the story!  On Thursday morning, I was looking on the Blogging For Books website, at the selection of books I was able to review (the website had a bunch of books that i could choose from).  I finally chose a book called The Dragons of Chiril by Donita K. Paul.  I should get the book in a week or two.  Thank you for your patience:)

Yesterday (friday, the day after i ordered the 'dragon' book) morning (more like afternoon but whatever), I was on my computer looking at Disney Animator stuff when, "Alex, you've got a package for you!"  My youngest brother, Zack, called out from the bottom of the stairs. 

Hmmm, it's too late for my birthday.  So it can't be a birthday present.  Christmas is almost five months away.  Wait.... I ordered a book yesterday.  But it said 'expect it to come by mail in 12-14 days'!?!?  How would that be possible??? 

I heard Zack quickly climb up the stairs, "I think it's a book!"  He said handing it to me.  "What?"  I looked at the thin package.  In the middle of the package, there was a bulging rectangular thing inside, "This can't be the book I ordered yester--" I ripped open the large envelope.  Oh, it was a book alright!  But it wasn't the 'dragon' one.  The book was this....

Remember this?  If you don't click on this link here (please know, that there are three parts to this link)!  This book is how Robin Jones Gunn  knew about my blog!!!  This book was the very first contest I entered to win this book by Robin Jones Gunn.  When I met Robin, I told her I had entered for this contest.  In the contest, there were only nine copies of the book (and i think i entered a little too late to win one).

Instead of winning Canary Island Song, I won Praying for Your Future Husband instead (i think robin entered me into that contest, herself *smile*)!  So I assumed that I didn't make it for the first contest, but Robin helped me win the second (what a sweetheart). 

Many months have passed and guess what (ta-da!!!), I got a copy of Canary Island Song (for free) from the company Howard Books (i think that's right) that published this very book:)  They said in the letter, "If you want, you may even write a review for this book on or for the Christian book store"....... They just gave me a free book and they said if I want to I may write a review for this book!  I just think that was so cool:)  Robin (and Howard Books), if you're out there reading this, you have made my weekend!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

well it didn't work

My 'amazingly hot' weather,that I wished for, didn't show up!  I'm kinda mad (and's not funny).  The bright side is, I guess, is that I've been able to watch more than half of the first season of iCarly (which i have never seen before.... and i really like it!), I've been able to read more, and Nick and I are trying to make a bunch of 'Nick' videos (it's supposed to be like the Fred videos, but we're still trying not to copy all of what we do after him)!   Yep!  It's been a good (sorta) summer, so far (i guess).  But I do want amazingly hot weather!!!!  So badly, I might just freeze from all the sixty degree weather we've had:( WARNING:  THIS JUST MIGHT BE THE LAST POST ON 'IT'S MY LIFE'..................................... we're just talking if I freeze here (gosh, can't you take a joke?!)!

Another thing that I just found out, is that whoever gets the most high ranked voters on your review (for 'blogging for book'), you (me really) can win an HD Flip video camera!!!!  And the contest ends this June, folks!  So please tell all your friends about my blog and to vote for me:OASAP!!!!

What's in it for me, Allie?  Why should I vote so you can win a special camera?!

Here me out, people!  If I do win this camera, I will try to post many exciting videos up on 'it's my life':D  I've been thinking about tutorials, playing my guitar for you folks, and more awesome things!  If you haven't voted yet, please click here!  For those of you who have, I want to thank you so so much!!!  This means a lot to me:D  TTFN!

ps i think it's time i have another post about me cleaning my room:) (uh-oh...)

Friday, June 10, 2011

it's pretty late for 'for the love of friday'

Exciting!  This past week has gone by really fast, with lots of stuff:)  I finished co-op on Tuesday (yay!.... for the summer of course), Grammy's birthday was on Wednesday (happy birthday, grammy!!!), went out for birthday dinner on Thursday (yum!), and today on this lovely Friday, I had guitar practice (guess what?!  i'm learning 'i see the light' from tangled on the guitar!!!....... i have not seen that movie in forever.... {two weeks @ most}) and............ what was it?  What was I going to say?...................... On this most special of days and I completely forgot?!.....  Ah, yes!  IT"S THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL (for our family that it is!) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know, it doesn't officially feel like summer:(  The weather has been crazy!  Like, mostly cold and rainy.  But some days, it actually gets up to 70!!!!! (big whoop....)  I wish........ well, should I wish for hot weather?  I know I must be careful for what I wish for, cause you never know what could happen..... just might come true:) Ah, what the heck!  I WISH FOR AMAZINGLY HOT WEATHER THIS SUMMER!!!!  There, I said it:)  By the way, if it gets extremely hot where ever you are..... please don't blame me:)

Before I finish this post, I would like to thank all of you for your sweet comments lately, all of the new followers I've been getting (welcome mel, ms. c, and hannah!  hope you visit often :)  tell your friends!), and all the voters I've gotten on my review!  Oh my gosh!  I already have seven voters since yesterday:O  Thank you all so much:D  Until next time,


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

vote for me

If you haven't read my blog review for Praying for Your Future Husband, it's right below this post (so please read it!).  If you have, please check out my reviews on Target's website(under Praying for Your Future Husband) and Blogging for Books website!  When you check out my review on Blogging for Books, please vote for me!  I'm still new to this whole review thing, but I'm pretty sure something good comes out of this voting for me, thing (lol) :D  When you vote on my review, the site will ask for your e-mail for verification.  Next, they'll send you an e-mail with a link(be sure to check your junk folder!).  Click on or copy/paste that link and voila!  You're done!

Here's my review for Blogging for Books, click here!  Enjoy my lovelies:)  Vote for Allie!!!!


praying for your future husband

Yay!  I finally finished the book:D  I am honored to be reviewing this book and I am super excited!  So with that, I'll get started on the review:)

Praying for Your Future Husband
by Robin Jones Gunn and Tricia Goyer
(copyright 2011,  207 pages)

Wow, where do I start?  This is one of my top favorite devotional books!  I love both Robin's and Tricia's writing styles.  They make me smile:)
This devotion has thirteen wonderful chapters; each with a few paragraphs of Robin and Tricia's "love stories" (yes, their past and present love lives), many Bible verses and famous quotes, other girls' love stories, group questions, and finally a prayer for your future husband and yourself. 

I recommend this not just to teenage girls who are waiting for their Prince Charming, but to any single women out there!  This is the book to get for your best friend, granddaughter, daughter, niece, or small group.  Hands down, a must have.

Before I read this book, I didn't really pray for my future husband.  I guess I thought it was kind of pointless; why pray for someone I don't even know yet?  Besides, God would make it all come together for my future husband and me.  I don't need to pray for him now.... or do I?  

Now that I have read this book, I have a completely different point of view.  I should be praying for my future husband!  I should be praying that he follows God day in and day out, and that he'll save himself for me someday!  I never realized how really important this is until I read this book. 

So if you are pondering your Prince Charming, read this book!  Not only has it changed my point of view, but it has better prepared me for the future.  I really do believe that God is weaving my future husband's and my lives together as I type this out :)  

For those of you who have read the Christy Miller series (and if you haven't you must read them!), remember when Christy started writing letters to her future husband and put them in an old shoe box and stuck them under her bed.....?  Well, I just happen to be doing that, now!  I cannot wait to share these letters with "him" after we're married :D  I just can't!  I actually feel like I'm talking to him in some sort of way (it makes me feel all warm and bubbly inside *smile/giggle*).

Hey, guess what?  Robin wants to let you guys to read the first chapter of Praying for Your Future Husband!  It's totally free, and totally worth your time:)  Check it out here

I love you my dear friends!  It was nice chatting with you:)  So long lovelies *hugs/kisses*


Disclosure: I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.  These opinions and thoughts are by your lovely moi.