it's your life

That's right!  It's your life.  God has an amazing plan for you!  For everyone; your parents, siblings, cousins, and the gal at the grocery store...everyone! 

Allie, it seems like I would be the last person on God's list.  (btw: good news!  god has time for everyone at the same time).  My world feels like He's taken my life and shaken it like a snow globe!  Though at times when we feel like God is making things worse, He's really not!  There is a plan behind the worst of problems!  God knew that your boyfriend dumped you for another girl!  He knew that you would have to go back a grade in school!  He knew that your parents would get a divorce!  It's the hardest thing to realize but He knew all the wrongs (and rights) that would happen in your life.  Maybe God's plan was for you not to run off and get married with you ex-boyfriend;  Maybe God's plan was for you to go back a grade so you could really understand that really hard part in geometry; Maybe God's plan was for you to learn from your parents' relationship.  God has a plan even if we can't always see it!  We just have to trust him with our plans.

So in your life, don't let the unexpected stop you.  There is a reason for that unexpected or unplanned situation; God would never do anything to make your life miserable!  Make use of all the wrongs, unknowns, and surprises.   They might turn out to be the best (or biggest) events in your life.

And remember, prayer is always a good way to communicate with God!  God might not answer you in the way a friend might answer you, but He will answer you through the Bible:)  So if you are unsure of something, pray and read your Bible!  I guarantee you, that you will notice God's work more than you thought you would, if you do these things; read your Bible, pray, and trust Him!