Friday, July 29, 2011

zoo tycoon and other distracting things....

For those of you who don't know what Zoo Tycoon is, it's a computer game that lets you create your own zoo with 'so' amount of money (really fun).  Well, I just got off of Zoo Tycoon after playing for over an hour and a half:)  Some people have their facebook that distracts them, I have my Zoo Tycoon!  I haven't played this game in years, so I decided to play the game, just for ol' times sake;)  So now I'm pretty much hooked... until I find something else that's more interesting.

Another game that I find myself on constantly is the xbox 360 Pixar Cars game .  Why, you might ask?  Cause it's fun!  You get to play as Lightning McQueen and drive around Radiator Springs which is in California!!! ............. Maybe that's why I like it so much...... I get to drive (and crash into as many other car beings as I want to with out getting a single scratch) AND..... I get to drive through CALIFORNIA!  Haha:) 

Before I found myself involved in these distracting beyond belief games, I was at my grandparents house painting, weeding, raking, shoveling dirt, weeding, and.... did I mention weeding ^o^  I did this for five day but had one of the best weeks of my life (coca cola, Starbucks coffee, and shopping... you can't beat that:)

Okay, so I just could not resist these:)

Did you know I had my own Buzz Lightyear action figure when I was... like two?
To be honest, I'm tired.  Not just from the weeding week, but from being on the computer for soooooooooo long o.O  I'm going to hop off now :)  Have a great weekend, where ever it may take you!  What are your favorite games you're distracted by?


disclosure:  visa, disney pixar and the 3D commercials did not pay me to put these on 'it's my life'.  i thought they were cute and funny and... like i said, i couldn't resist them;)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

happy birthday mom!

Today is one of my best friends birthday.  We talk about everything with each other.  She's given me amazing style tips and even taught me how to do my own laundry (haha).  She drives me to youth group every Wednesday night with out complaints.  She.... is my mom!

My mom is one of my few best friends, and she is always there for me!  Though she makes strict rules, it's what a smart parent should do, instead of letting her teen go with the flow like other teens.  Her motivator (i believe) is God!   She is always strong and faithful in the Lord.  And she makes me want to be exactly like her:)

Though, I've never had a sister, she, in some way, is like one to me.  Only better!  We share clothes all the time.  She always helps me with painting my finger nails cause I can never do them right.  We bake with each other.  Just about everything!

Mom is always willing to give insights and tips to me for the near future.  Like when we're driving, and someone makes a turn with out putting their turn signal on, which leaves Mom to slam on the brakes, she'll say, "Now when you're driving, make sure you put on your turning signal when you turn.  And when someone is doing something that you think they're going to stay doing but they don't, just be aware of those drivers around you."  Something like that:)  She also explains things I might not understand, like politics, other religions, boys, etc.  And I appreciate all of these explainations =D

Today is my Mom's birthday!  And this is what I want you to know (mom)!  This whole post is all that you remind me of:) {and more of course!}  I love you, Mom!  Happy Birthday:D



Thursday, July 14, 2011

say what?!

It's been a little (okay maybe a lot) over a month since school let out and there are already 'back to school savings!' and 'get your back to school stuff NOW!' and of course 'get these amazing school supplies your teachers are sure to approve on!!!' (i made that last one up, but you know what i mean); signs, posters, billboards, even t-shirts have these shout outs on them.  It drives me crazy!  Sure getting school supplies is so much fun, but not just after school ended! Stores these days:I

Oh, guess what!  I got a new curling iron yesterday at Target!!!  It is so amazing, I can get Taylor Swift curls (and who doesn't love those curls?)!  Though I managed to get a three inch burn on my neck.... don't ask.  But it's an amazing curling iron (i just need to get used to it a little more)!

look at this bad boy!  ain't it purty?!

gorgeous hair!

Summer's going well.  Just kind hanging around and what not:)  Though I feel like I want a job.  Not a chore job, but a job where you drive (or walk) to at a certain time a couple days a week.  But you know what really stinks?  It's that I'm fourteen.  I'm to young to do anything but chores around the house:(  Next year though, Mom says I might be old enough for bagging groceries at Safeway or something:I  Ah!  You get what you get and you don't get upset.... at least it's something.  I thing I'd rather like to work at Starbucks, Kohl's, Target, something like that.  But I still have to be older for that:( 

I can not wait for my fifteenth year on this planet Earth!  I'll be able to do a lot  of things then.  Get a (minor) job, start driving (yikes!), stuff like that:)  Well, I'm done:)  I've said what I needed to say today!  Until next time, friends.  Au revoir:)


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

california.... even the name feels warm!

To be honest right now, I want to be in California.  Sure it's gotten hotter up here.  This is actually the third day in a row that it's gotten up to and/or over eighty degrees:)  So yes, that is good great!

But right now, I want to be in California!  Maybe it's to see the palm trees, to hear the California ocean, to smell the citrus fruits along side the side walks..... or maybe I just down right want to be with DISNEY!  Disney is the new.....the new...... well, I can't think of anything now (let me tell you, it's not the new tangled because disney did that movie and that's what got me started with falling in love with disney.... partly why)!  But Disney is totally AWESOME!!!!

I love to day dream about going to college in California, on week nights and weekends I can work in the DisneyLand parks, buy my own little groceries, 'n' stuff;)

Though, there are some things I'm not as thrilled about.  I would be living two states away from my family, unless they decide to live in Cali!  I'll have to live in a different life style, such as,

*  going through LA (which, i've been to a part of that area, and came away in total shock and mumbling to myself, 'i want disney, i want disney, i want disney...')

*  driving rules will be different (state wise)

*  living on minimum wage 

*  living with out my family ;(

If I do decide to live in Cali.  I'll have to adjust to these things I listed and MORE!  Part of me (my dream part of me) is like, "I want to live in the Cinderella castle in DisneyLand, and I would get payed tons of money for being a sweater folder/stocking isles with fluffy animals/saying 'have a magical day' to visitors, and there would be a wardrobe in 'my' castle that would be like the one from Narnia, so then I could go anywhere I wanted at any time so I could see my family!".................. Enough said =I 

If I do decide to live in Cali., I know that absolutely 100% of my 'day dream' will...... NOT come true (except for the working in disneyland).  I would be living in the reality dream =I  So as far as dreams go, I still want to be a Disney Animator, and before that, I want to go to college in Cali., work week nights and weekends in DisneyLand..... and smell the citrus fruits:)

Thanks for stopping by and reading about my dreams, friends!  I'll chat with you later:D  If you need me, I'll be peeling lemons and smelling then like no one elses business!  Au revoir!


Saturday, July 2, 2011

un samedi en france: glen keane speaks french!

If you don't know who Glen Keane is, or the name rings a bell but you're still not quite sure who he is, well I can tell you right now:)  Glen Keane has animated Disney movies for years!  Encluding Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, and........................... Tangled!!!!  So, he's kinda what I like to look up the most on YouTube, for interviews, shots of him animating, etc.

I came up across this video of him, and I was listening to the interview and I'm like, "Wait!  This isn't English!?  This is french!!!"  I was (and am) so ecstatic about this video:D  Though.... I don't really know what they're are saying.... but it works for 'un samedi en france' (a saturday in france).... right?  Right.  Enjoy, friends (this video is almost a half an hour long so don't feel bad if you just watch a few minutes to get the feeling of it) :)  Au revoir!