Wednesday, September 28, 2011

a new goal???

So I think I'm going to start a new goal... well I already started yesterday, I guess.  But I'm worried that I'm going cave an drink the sweet bubbly goodness.  My sorta goal is this, "No Drinking Any Kind of Soda".  Now this sounds like a pretty good goal, simple and easy.  Nevertheless, I had a hankering for a perky soda (diet coke... yummm!) when I came home from school (i was very tired!).  I'm not really supposed to have caffeine, but every once in a while Mom and Dad get me a white chocolate frap.  from our favorite coffee stand and/or let me sip on a can of diet Coke.  I've only had a few diet Cokes/Cokes in my life, and I really liked them.  *heehee* 

In the past few months, after I drink a soda (usually a RB, orange soda, or sprite [all diet])  I've been feeling... weird?  I guess.  Like, my tummy feels bloated and if I drink it too fast I get the little hiccup burps (i know, so un-lady like!), but you gals know what I'm talking about right?  About two months ago I dropped all sodas out of my life for two weeks.  And the thing is, I felt A-mazing!!!!  I never felt like I was puffy bloated, I never got the hiccup burps (we'll just call them lady burps, it sounds more elegant [oh my, elegant!]), and I even shed a few pounds!  I know right?  I thought the 'diet' part in diet sodas made everything in the sodas not count.  But hey, who really cares (the fact was, i had lost some poundage!!!)?!  As soon as I got back into drinking sodas again, everything went switch-a-roo on me again.  The bloating started up again, the lady burps, the pounds that were once lost had been found and reunited with their "hip" friends (did you get the joke?  haha...).  You get the picture...

So here's to a new goal (yes, i just decided the goal is official... please cheer me on!) I just thought I'd happen to share with you.  A toast!  (with water of course, what else can i drink for a toast that's age appropriate???)  Happy day to you all!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

i love me some rice cakes and tootsie pops

Remember that one post that I said I had a hankering for some healthy foods.  Well this post is the complete opposite!  When I got home from school, I scarfed down to rice cakes (my all time favorite snack) and I am currently sucking crunching on my second tootsie pop (orange, yum!).  I guess rice cakes are pretty healthy for the most part but still (they taste so good, they should be unhealthy... but they're not.  maybe that's why i love them so much!!!  stay healthy rice cakes!)  I feel like another tootsie pop (cause ya know, i finished my second in less than 3.5 seconds)  Maybe I'll go cherry.  Or chocolate, cause I love chocolate.  But then again my first tootsie pop was chocolate.  Oh well!  Maybe I'll have another rice cake instead (that not a bad idea at all!).*looking at orange wrapper*  Ooh!!!!  I got  the Indian star dude!!!!  Treat yourself to a tootsie pop or a rice cake;]  On me!  (well not really, you have to provide those for yourself *oops*)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

all is well here/ blogger book review!

Hello all;)  I needed to say that to you guys instead of just ignore you all for a few weeks *heheheh*  School is going well, I'm getting adjusted to my schedule but the homework is still driving me mad.  So a lot (only a few really) have asked me what it's like now to have contacts.  At first they were a pain to get in, they used to take a half an hour to get them in.  But now it's a matter of minutes to get them in.  And they sometimes get globby so I have to take 'em out and put some solution in them.  Getting them out is the coolest thing ever!!! I know it sound gross but it looks like I'm peeling a layer of my eye off (tmi, i know!)  But the fact that I'm able to pinch my eye with out feeling anything is the coolest thing eva!!!  Anyway;]

So you might be wondering, what's this review thing about?  As most of you know I started a book blogging thing where people send me books (that i personally chose from their selection) and I have to review them!  I know, right?  So this one book that I've been meaning to post a review on for who knows how long, that's the book I'll be reviewing today!  The book is called "The Dragons of Chiril" by Donita K. Paul.

What did you think of it:  I love, love, loved the authors words!  She has a great voice to her story, but sometimes she rambles on on some things that really don't need to be rambled about (you: so what have you been doing for the last year, allie??)  One thing I'd have you guys note is that it's hard to get into the book.

Who would you recommend it to:  I'd recommend it kids in Junior or Senior high.  But most importantly, people who have time on their hands to read it.  I love the book but a lot of the times I didn't have time to read it cause it was really detailed stuff that I would have to know later on.

How many stars would you rate this: *** stars

Thank you guys so much for stopping by!  I read and love all of your comments;]  Keep spreading the word about my goal (below followers gadget)!  To those of you who have, thank you so much (you are quite a blessing to me!)  Until a few days (or something)


I was not payed at all to review "Dragons of Chiril".  I am part of the Blogging for Books Co.  that lets me review books in my own opinion.  Thank you!

Friday, September 16, 2011

here i am

With time aside from school, I thought I'd tell you about yesterday.  I got my first pair of monthly contacts!  I know;)  I am still flabbergasted that I can see with out my glasses *heehee*  It took over a half an hour to get one contact in and the same for the other contact.  I feel really grown up... in some weird way.  I mean grown ups are supposed to have responsibilities, right?  I've started high school which has made me spend more time on studies than anything else.  And contacts are a big thing that a lot of grown ups wear.  I don't know, maybe I'm just tired and rambling is the only thing I can do;)  Plus on top of everything I have a cold  ;[  Not fun!  Have a splendid Friday.  I'll be here. at my house. in my pj's. watching Veggie Tales... what, don't grow ups watch that?  *sipping oj*......

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

can i take a nap, eat, and do my homework at the same time?

If that were only possible, I'd do all of those in an instant!  School has been eating me alive, lately.  I love my teachers and two girls from my youth group are in a few of my classes, but the homework has trampled over me like a herd of teddy bears.... mean.  teddy bears.  Like Lotso from Toy Story 3.

I wouldn't hurt a itty bitty little butterfly <=D ....... >=D *heheheh*
The homework looks so innocent until you come home and then BAM!  The homework turns into a little monster that takes everything away from you (and i mean everything!)!  Late night tv shows or movies, GONE.  Snacks, GONE (i'm so hungry, haven't had time to eat lunch yet!).  Sleeping, GONE!  One, two, three, GONE!!!!  (okay, so the insanity has actually gone to my brain, too!  you: oh really?  i hadn't noticed.... sarcasm....)  The little monster took everything from me (though i managed to save my computer, i can't believe it's been a week since my last post!?)

So here, a post from me; I'm still alive but swamped with even more homework than last week.  Prayers would still be helpful, just if you happen to think of me;)  If you don't think of me that's fine, too!  

The thing I do like about high school is that you have a fresh new ego.  When I was in elementary and in middle school, I had braces and a retainer before any of my other class mates.  And to be down right honest, I was a complete dork!  I won't mention any of the stupid/silly things I did because then you would never eva' want to visit my life anymore.  But now that I have grown up (in some way) I don't feel like I'm at the bottom of the food chain.  Maybe it because I'm doing high school through a co-op... I don't know!  But I had some person ask me what my name was today at co-op as I helped the teacher pass some papers.  Hey!  At least it's a start:]  I hope to survive by next week to tell you guys all that's happening!  I will be wearing the armor of God!  Triumphantly=D


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

i have to go back again?!

When it was my little brother's (nick) first day of Kindergarten, I don't think he was that thrilled about going to school.  He had, after all, an older sister (me!) who always complained about "how much home work" she had (but it was just two easy-peasy pieces of paper), what kid wouldn't want to get "loads" of homework?  I didn't think so.  After his first day, the family was just anxious to hear how Nick's first day had been.  "Great!"  He said.  "Are you ready to go back tomorrow and see your new friends?" We had asked.  "What?!?!  You mean I have to go back again?!?!  I think I change my brain...!"

Today was my fist day of high school at my home school co-op!  I'm am surprised I am even awake enough to type this out:]  Still a little groggy from algebra at eight thirty this morning.  After my third class (english) I was done for the day (I have another class at our local high school, and we do a few more at home)!  "I did it." I told myself as I walked out of Mrs. J's class room, "I finished high school!"  I just barley stopped in my tracks as I walked back to homeroom to meet Mom, "Today was the first day of school!?" I managed to scream in my expanded brain, "I...... have....... homework?????  Oh my goodness!  I have homework!  It's my first day of school!!!  I have to finish this homework by..... next Wednesday (okay so that part isn't that bad)????.....

"I'm in High School!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!"

I had a mini (okay massive) panic attack; right then and there as I walked to homeroom.  "I think I change my brain..." I thought to myself.  But I have to look outside the box.... some kids my age don't get education... as much or at all!  I should be really thankful... but it's almost hard to be.  I know that from now on, all my work that I do in school, is going to be recorded into a large binder, and it tells colleges what kind of a student I am.  I know for a fact, that I want to go to a great college!  And if I want to go to a great college, I'm gonna have to work for it!  Maybe that's why I had such a huge panic attack, because I'm stepping into the real world now.  If I want something done I need to work at it or for it. 

Thank you to all who prayed for my first day of high school!  Overall my first day was great!  It really was.  If you happen to think of me or my blog, please pray for me still;)  I think I'll need it for a while.  I'm off to take a nap and then hit the News... Mrs. J's orders:)  (the news part, not the snoozing!)


Monday, September 5, 2011

waking up is hard

After some what cleaning my room, I found the manual to my iHome, which I had been looking for for a long time (1 day seems like a lot when high school starts in less than a week).  I was looking for the manual cause I needed to know how to work the iHome alarm clock.  After the first day of trying to figure it out, I started waking up at 6:45 am (for two days) so I could get used to waking up around that time when school starts.  Sounds right, right?

I was telling my Boppa (grandpa) yesterday my new schedule for high school, and what time I'm going to get up.  He nodded his head and said to me, "But make sure you go to bed at least around nine.  If you go to bed around ten you won't go to bed right then so you may be only going to bed at eleven!"  I really didn't want to go to bed by nine, I was sure of that. 

When I went to bed last night (around ten to eleven), I had the hardest time waking up this morning.  Sure my alarm clock went off and I turned it off to let it know I was getting up... but you know what?  I slept in for another five hours (almost six)!!!  I just got up at eleven thirty, stumbled down the stairs, blindly pored some Lucky Charms and some milk into a bowl and decided to blog about it;]  I know kind of a lame post about sleeping, but hey!  It's my life, after all:)

So from here on out (even though it will be super hard to miss new episodes of the office) I will be going to bed by nine pm!  Thanks Boppa;]  I really know what you meant, now!  


Friday, September 2, 2011

that's good to see!

My family and I were in Costco having dinner, and before I could sink my teeth into the ooy-chewy goodness of their fabulous pizza, Mom said we should pray.  Though we were all starving, we agreed with her and bowed our heads.  After Mom prayed and we all looked up, a bald guy with a tattoo on his arm and a big smile said to us, "That's good to see!"  Not in a sarcastic way, but in a, 'Good for you Brothers and Sisters!  We don't see people pray over fast food anymore!' (not that i'm bragging about us praying for fast food, but it was basically what he had said)

Moments like those you don't really have anything else tp say but smile big and say 'thank you'.  After he walked over to his table I suddenly got a funny line that I thought I could have said, but I decided not too;]  If I told you the line (made by moi) it might come out weird...  The line was "I'll be seeing you..."  What I meant was in Heaven!!!  That if he was a Christian I would be seeing him in Heaven.  When I told my brothers, it took them a while to figure it out. 

Do you guys have moments like these?  Not with the line thing, but seeing other Christians throughout a grocery store, or at a park, or something?  It feels good, seeing other Christians.  Cause we will be seeing them!!!  Bye for now, people.  I'll be seeing you........ ;]


Thursday, September 1, 2011

there's a blog out there...

And you must go to it... now!  One of my dear bloggie friends and I have grown our own little friendship in the Bloggie World;)  I never knew that I would come across a great friendship on Blogger, before I started blogging that is.  The Scribbler is my bloggie friend I'm talking about right now!  She has two amazing blogs filled with poems, posts on what's going on in her life and exclusive pages to her new book she's hoping to publish soon:D 

Go to her blogs and follow her, cause heck, she'll be famous some day (soon, i believe ;] ) and don't you want to tell all of your friends someday, "I was one of the Scribbler's first followers on both of her blogs!"  And heck, she's one of the nicest bloggers in Bloggie Land!  Another thing I'll tell you about The Scribbler, she leaves the nicest comments ever!  And who doesn't want that?

The Scribblers Blogs

Scribbler, I hope you know that you have meant the most to me when I'm blogging;)  When I see a new post on your blog or a comment you've left for me, my smile gets three times bigger=D  (see?!)  This post is for you, girl!  I'm so glad we've become such great friends (who knew the computer could do such a thing?),