Saturday, December 17, 2011

some advice would be most helpful

Well, it's not very much important.... I mean, it's important to me!  But you might find it's not important.  Let me just tell you what has been on my mind lately.  *sigh* ..... Okay.  I'm thinking of starting a new blog on the side of it's my life.  That's it!  I have been seriously thinking of starting a new blog.  Not to take in place of it's my life, though!  I would never give this blog up for anything ;) 

But I need your help, people!  I won't tell you guys about my new blog ideas, but please give me some advice or something letting me know that you would like to see me have a new blog or not.  Leave me a comment, guys!  Your thoughts matter to me very much so.  Thanks!


Thursday, December 8, 2011

HO! to the third power

You know when it's the Christmas season when your algebra teachers' "joke of the day" is HO! to the third power..... get it???

Well let's see here, why have I not posted in ages?  Because of life, I guess.  That seems too lame doesn't it?  I don't really know, most of it is because of my homework, I am still trying to budget my time wisely.  You ever get that?  Oh I've done a lot of homework, I'll finish the rest by the end of the week before it's due.  Uh-uh! Don't do that.  Sadly I still don't know how I get behind even if I do seven hours of school work a day.  Whatever...

I wish I did have for time to blog... or at least, the urge to post about something.  It's seems like I do this a lot now.  I post a few things that are interesting, leave for three weeks, post a "sorry guys" post, another two weeks gone by, another "Sorry guys" post, and it all repeats itself.

I've also been getting really bored with my free time.  I already downloaded all of the msn games I love and finished them like twice!  I've played my Toy Story 3 xbox game a million times over, I'm running out of new movies to watch and I'm half way through all of my "old" 2000 movies.  I think I need to get outside more.  I'm homeschooled, right?  So I am stuck in the house all day doing homework, and by the time I'm done with most of my homework for that day, it's already dinner time.  I go to an amazing youth group, but that's only once a week, and for the rest of the week I only go out for groceries with the fam or to church. 

Should I include something else in my life?  I'm thinking maybe trying out for a volleyball thing, but high schoolers tend to get competitive when you're in sports (and that just ain't me), I want to do it for fun, you know?  I'm trying to think of some other sport I'm good at.  I can't do anything like dribbling or kicking a soccer ball into a net... trust me!  I am not very coordinated at all.  Though I do enjoy volleyball!  I had fun "bouncing" the ball in the air last summer.  I want to join a gym so I can get my blood pumping a few times a week, but the thing is, they charge so much at gyms, I can't drive and our family doesn't have the time to be driving around and back-tracking.  I'd go on a walk around the block, but it gets really boring taking the same route.  I'm so confused (you: as am i!)!!!

*sigh*...... I really needed that guys;P  Thanks for reading and if I have a lot of bad grammar and misspelled words in here it's because I'm writing this past my bed time!  Goodnight, all =)