Saturday, August 18, 2012

Thursday, August 2, 2012

an update

Hey y'all!

My apologies for being absent ever since I got back to the Bloggie World.  I have gotten over jet lag and all that crud for good and I am so glade to be back!  I miss walking around in Europe though :'(  Everyone that I've seen or talked with since I came back have asked me, "What was your favorite thing in Europe?!  What did you enjoy the most?!"  And I can finally boil it down to taking pics of the food and walking EVERYWHERE and seeing something TRULY inspiring!  A lot of the times I wasn't able to bring my sketch book with me everywhere, but I took tons of pictures.  All the things I saw in Europe made me want to sit down and draw what I saw; it was truly amazing. 

Unfortunately, I still haven't gotten over the "I don't want to upload my pictures yet..." phase.  I know I need to, but it still feels like I should wait a bit.  I have to be honest, I think I'm just too lazy to upload and sort and label and fix and STUFF.  I'm just not ready...yet!  Maybe I'll start working on some pics when school starts back up again :)

My pen pal from France came over to my house!  She's 13 years old and is such a sweetheart :']  She and her family are missionaries and I can speak for my family and I when I say they are one of our favorite family friends!  They are just so sweet and awesome.  We met them about 5 years ago through our old church and since they were coming over to the States, we definitely wanted them to come by.  :)  We had a blast with them!

I've already started drivers ed.!  It's very exhausting but I know this will be worth going to class 3 times a week for 2 hours each class (ikr?).  Driving at night in empty parking lots seem to attract me more so than driving through full parking lots or even the roads in our neighborhood (gee, i wonder why?).  I think I'm an okay driver... I mean, I haven't hit or killed anything or anyone since I've driven.  So I'd say I'm doing pretty well X)

Ugg!  Another thing I started was a neighborhood running class.  I won't even go there right now but all I can say is our leaders are razing the bar every time we meet up... and let me tell you, I feel like crying while running with them X'(  I hope to get better though :D

Oh... what else... OH!  I know!  I started a YouTube Channel :D  It's mostly for my art stuff but if I happen to get a better camera for recording stuff I may make another one for it's my life or my health blog!  Here's the link

Talk with you guys later!  It's good to be back :')