Thursday, March 31, 2011

jamie grace

Okay, so I was looking at the free things on itunes store and I found this amazing song!  It has the best lyrics and the best acoustic guitar... almost ever!  The artists name is Jamie Grace, she has a heart for God and I just love her.  She is so amazing!  The title of the song is called "Hold Me", here are the lyrics...

Hold Me by Jamie Grace (feat. Toby Mac)

i love, i love, i love the way you hold me
i love, i love, i love the way you hold me
i love, i love, i love the way you hold me

 i've had a long day, i just want to relax
don't have time for my friends, no time to chit-chat
problems at my job,
wonderin' what to do
i know i should be working but i'm thinking of you and
just when i feel this crazy world
is gonna bring me down
that's when your smile comes around


oh, i love the way you hold me,
by my side you'll always be
you take each and everyday
make it special in some way

i love the way you hold me,
in your arms i'll always be
you take each and everyday,
make it special in some way

i love you more than
the words in my brain can express
i can't imagine even
loving you less

Lord, i love the way you hold me

whoa whoa,
oh whoa, i love the way you hold me
whoa whoa

{chorus ends}

well ya, took my day
and you flipped it around
calmed the tidal wave
and put my feet on the ground

forever in my heart,
always on my mind
it's crazy how i think of you all the time

and just when i think
i'm 'bout to figure you out
you make me want to sing and shout


oh, i love the way you hold me,
by my side you'll always be
you take each and everyday
make it special in some way

i love the way you hold me,
in your arms i'll always be
you take each and everyday,
make it special in some way

i love you more than
the words in my brain can express
i can't imagine even
loving you less

Lord, i love the way you hold me

whoa whoa,
oh whoa, i love the way you hold me
whoa whoa

{chorus ends}

i'm so grateful and thankful
for all you've done
wish i could tell you
in a short story or poem
but, all i have is my voice and this guitar
and you have my heart


oh, i love the way you hold me,
by my side you'll always be
you take each and everyday
make it special in some way

i love the way you hold me,
in your arms i'll always be
you take each and everyday,
make it special in some way

i love you more than
the words in my brain can express
i can't imagine even
loving you less

Lord, i love the way you hold me

whoa whoa,
oh whoa, i love the way you hold me
whoa whoa

{chorus ends}

Yeah, that's one of my new favorite songs:D  Gotta love it *smile*  Have a wonderful, beautiful day my friends who just happen to be reading this.  You mean so much to me:) Do you know that?


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

so about yesterday...

As you all might have known, I had a Tangled party yesterday!  Yep!  I invited a bunch of girls from youth group but only one could come (i was so glad that Alyson could come though!), not including my BFF Rachael, she came too:D  So since it was conference week I didn't have to go to co-op and spend over an hour on algebra.... thank the Lord!  But that didn't stop Mom from homeschooling us.  We did Bible time for a half hour (i should do that everyday actually), math (i had to look up problems in my algebra book, blah!), spelling, elective (i got to do french, yay me...or should i say, yay moi), ya-da-ya-da-ya-da.

I couldn't think about anything but, "Tangled comes out today!  Tangled comes out today!  Tangled come out today!  Aaaaauuuugggh!"  Yeah, I'm not exaggerating!  I was so... so... EXCITED!  So finally I heard the words I'd been waiting for that escaped Mom's lips, "Socks and shoes on guys.  We're going to Target." I shut my algebra book faster than you could say Tangled!  "Yes!  I am out 'a here school, I'm going to Target to get me a movie!  That's right!  You can't touch me!  Oh...*snap*!"  Okay I was exaggerating there... you got me.

So on the way to Target we listened to the Tangled CD.  I couldn't stop shaking in the passenger seat!  I just couldn't!  So when we went into Target we had to get the things on our list first, then get Tangled last.  So while I waited for Mom to get pencils (we're homeschoolers... we go through pencils fast!), I went to the hair isle and scoped out for some awesome hair accessories.  I got (with my own money, of course) a pack of colorful scrunchies, a pack of colorful combs, and a pack of bobby pins.  I would have gotten some more hair things, but I wanted to spend my money mostly on Tangled:D

"Eeeep!  Mom I see it!  Aaaauuggh!"  I told her when we went through the movie isle.  I grabbed the Tangled pack, This package includes blu ray, blu ray 3D,  dvd, digital copy and a Little Golden Book!
"Mom!  My movie comes with a kids book!  That is so cool!"  The Tangled book was so cool to me, I was honestly thinking about framing it!  But I chose not to.... :O

I couldn't wait to open the movie, so when I got home and was about to open it, Mom said we should clean up the house before my two friends come over, "Good idea!"  I said and got right to work on the kitchen.

Twenty minutes later, the house looked wonderful and my patience (waiting to open up the movie of course) was starting to bubble over the top of my head.  I took lots of pictures before I opened it and lots of pictures after I opened it.  My patience level was trickling down to my toes, "Haaaaaaaaaa,"  I gave a huge sigh of relief. 


wow!  look how thick that is!

blu ray, blu ray 3D, dvd, and digital copy!

Disney's Tangled Little Golden Book!

(L) 3D cover, (M) movies, (R) book!

Finally my friends came over!  We had a blast!  It was so much fun!  We watched Tangled and had so many great laughs and giggles...... *amazing sigh of relief*

Here's one of my favorite movie trailers for Tangled!  Gotta love it!

Hope you enjoy this movie as much as I have, friends!  Until next time....


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

it's here!

Today's the day, by golly!  Today is the day Tangled comes out!  Eeeeep!  To celebrate this wonderful day, I will be having a few girls over for a little party.  We will be having angel hair pasta (you know, like Rapunzel's hair), play board games before the movie, *sigh*  it's going to be a great night!  By the way if you don't know why I'm so obsessed about this movie (don't worry you're not the first), click here!

So with that I might just leave you a picture.  A picture that I truly love.... dun-dun-daaaaaaa!

I'm expecting to have this very movie in my hands this afternoon!  My toes are wiggling right now just thinking about it!  Have a beautiful morning troops!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

i'm tired

Yeah, I'm tired.  I had to get up at seven today so I could make it to my algebra class on time.  I so did not want to get up and do algebra so early in the morning...ugh.

I have a huge list of things to do.  Such as clean my room, clean out my box full of school supplies and books, get stuff for my Tangled party, finish the Harry Potter book before April (Nick's orders), and get through a bunch of other books from the library. *sigh*  With that I decided to just blog... blogging makes me feel a little bit better :I  (a little)

I think today I might just give you this.  That is all.  Well, hold on!  Let me find a Bible verse.  Bible verses make me feel a little better, too :D  Ah, perfect! 

David also said to Solomon his son, "Be strong and courageous, and do the work.  Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord God, my God, is with you.  He will not fail you or forsake you until all the work for the service of the temple of the Lord is finished."
1 Chronicles 28:20 NIV

Okay, so how great a verse is that for today?  Pretty great!  I remembered one of my favorite cds (the lost get found by britt nicole), in the thank you section (in the little booklet thingy) she had a Bible verse.  I was all like, "Okay I don't know what Bible verse would be best for this post, I think Britt Nicole's album had one, though."  And ended up going with this amazing Bible verse.  That is such a God thing!  I feel a lot better now:)

So how's your Tuesday going?


Friday, March 18, 2011

you could say i'm obsessed...

Okay, who has seen Disney's new movie Tangled?  If you haven't, do me a favor... PLEASE WATCH IT!!!!  Tangled is my favorite movie in the entire WORLD OF MOVIES!!!!  Aaauggh!  You could say I'm obsessed!  Okay, here is the list of things I'm going to do (or have already done) to make myself more like Rapunzel.

~ play when will my life begin on the guitar (already done it)

~ knit (already done it)

~ play guitar in general (done it)

~ play the whole Tangled album on the guitar (haven't done it)

~ grow my hair out this long (haven't done it)
Monyca Byrne-Wickey

~ buy the Tangled dvd, blu ray, blu ray 3D, digital copy package (in twelve days i will!)

~ get two hamsters (boys) and name them Pascal and Max (haven't done it)

~ sketch more often (in the process of doing so)

~ bake and cook more often (in the process of doing so)

~ and everything else that i've missed! (in the process of doing so)

Okay, you could say I'm a little obsessed.

A little!?!?!  Are you nuts?  You are completely-!  Who on Earth grows there hair out down to there waist, so that they can be like a cartoon character?!?!?!?!?  You're crazy!!!!!!

Okay!  I am obsessed;  but I can't help it!  There is nothing about the whole movie that I don't love!  

just twelve more day 'til Tangled comes out...

i'm so excited!!!!!!

does this picture look familiar?  it's my profile picture!  wow, how obsessed am i?

it's my turn to talk, uninterrupted n_~

drop the boot, Max.... Maaaax?  Drop it!

Can you believe it?  Tangled is coming out in twelve days!!!!!!

while i wait i might as well start up on my knitting!

what a pretty tower!

i actually have this poster!  i got it for my birthday!!!

So you can say that I'm obsessed!  I really am.  I don't care if people call me stupid or dumb that I want to be just like a character from Tangled.  I'm just... being Allie! *giggle* XD


Thursday, March 17, 2011

happy st. patrick's day!

Did you wear something green so your brother or sister won't pinch you?  Me neither.... so far I haven't had one single pinch.  Maybe everyone forgot?  I don't want to pinch someone (my younger brothers or dad) who isn't wearing green cause then they'll realize, I'm not wearing green!  Then they'll pinch ME!!!!  I don't want to be pinched.

Did you know that I have a bit of Irish in me (don't worry you don't have to kiss me, lol)?  Yep!  I think it's from my mom's side.  And I can do a really great Irish accent!  Pretend I'm telling you all this in an Irish accent. *clearing my throat*  TOP OF THE MORNIN' TO YA!!!!

Told you so *haha*!  If you think about it, speaking in an accent for a while is quite fun.  You just have to act as if you are Irish (or Italian, French, etc.), which I am but act as if you've had this accent all your life.  Now say this at least once to your family today (in your best Irish accent), TOP OF THE MORNIN' TO YA!!!!
Let me know if you did that*haha*!  What was your family's expression when you did? 



Wednesday, March 16, 2011

it's my 50th post!

Yes it is!  I can't believe it!  It seems so bizarre to even think that. 

I expect to go on with this blog for a long time... maybe for years!  I wonder how many posts I'll have in 10 years?  I've been blogging for a little over six months (or a lot longer) and if I post 50 posts in every six months (or longer)  that means in a year I'll have posted 100 posts.  100 times 10 = ............................

Well, I hope you guys are still enjoying my life (where ever it may take me) cause guess what my friends, until the day I die, I will always be blogging on......................

it's my life


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

it's a god thing: part three

Sorry it took me so long to write back!  I was sick for a little over a week with a sore throat and a fever almost at 102 degrees... yeah!  Anyway..................(where were we exactly?)

"Alex,  I've read your blog!"  Robin's warm hand was grasping my arm.  I was excited to have had her read my blog, but how had she found my blog?  There are thousands upon thousands of blogs!  And she just happened to get to my blog.  It was like the table situation all over again (hundreds of tables in the room yet my favorite author sat down at ours, unbelievable)!

I suddenly remembered something.

Robin hadn't just found my blog by clicking next blog at the top of the page, I had sent her my blog by e-mail!  There had been a contest calling all bloggers!  A few bloggers would win a copy of Robin's newest book, Canary Island Song, read it, then post a review about it! *derrrrrr*

"I read your blog, like, three days ago!" Robin smiled at me and she started jumping in her chair, "CAN I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH?"  She squealed.  I was in so much shock, all I could do was laugh!  I didn't give her my autograph, if that's what you are wondering. 

That's great for you, Allie!  Don't mention us who follow your blog and have a blog of our own, which we might add is a lot better than your snobby blog!

Now before you go any further, I told Robin all about your blogs!  I did, "Robin, you'll have to check out my friends blogs sometime!  My best friend, Rachael, has this amazing and wonderful blog and she does reviews!  That's the title of her blog, Rachael's Reviews and Ramblings!  And her friend Chelsea,  I've only met her a few times, but she has a really awesome blog too!  She has written lots of stories and I'm sure she would like to post a review on her blog... her blog is called Goggles and Paintbrushes!  And.... well, you can check out all of the blogs that I follow on the left side bar on my blog!"  I managed to say that in one long breath, thank you very much!  You know what Robin said after that, "I will definetly check your friends blogs out!"  I am so not lying!  Yes, I know you're sorry but it's time to get back to the story now.

So Robin and I talked about blogs and books and writing and everything that has to do with, know... writing!  "Send me a link to your blog!  Uh... please!"  She said her lips turning up into a smile. "K!"  I said with my most exstatic voice!

Worship started again, and this time I was glad we got to worship God again.  I praised Him for the wonderful day He had planned for me, God you knew this day was going to happen, even before I born!  You are such an amazing God!  I thought as I was singing, which surprisingly enough wasn't hard to do.  After worship we headed straight to our last two classes.

Two hours later we were back at the table, talking to Robin and the other women at our table.  It was so much fun!  I would've just stayed there and talked with them all day long or even for the rest of my life... wait, I will get to do that, someday....

"Well, I should probably get to the signing booth to sign some books!"  Robin said standing up, "See you guys later!"  She called after us.  "Bye!"  We called after her... well at least I did :D

About a half an hour after Robin left, we decided it was about time we should get going back to the hotel.  We walked over to the tables stacked with books and t-shirts and sweatshirts and key chains and gum (that's right, gum).  I found the three books I had wanted, and after paying for it, I stood in the "get your books signed!" line.  Robin signed all of them,

Christy Miller volume one....

Keep writing!
The Lord has dreams for your life.  Follow Him every step of the way.
Robin Jones Gunn

PS so fun meeting you!

Forever Friends Journal....
Trust God Forever!
Robin Jones Gunn

Christy Miller's Diary.....
May the Lord bless you in tender ways.
Robin Jones Gunn

You could say I had a pretty great weekend (note that this was like, two weekends ago.  i was just really bad and didn't write these posts quick enough!LOL)!  After we got back to our hotel room, we crashed!  We were so stinkin' tired.  I kid you not, I fell asleep smiling and thinking, This was such a God Thing!


if you don't exactly know what a "god thing" is... read the Christy Miller series... you'll love 'em!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

it's a god thing: part two

There she was... Robin, *gasp*..... Jones, *gulp*.... Gunn *faint*............... (okay I didn't faint but I felt like I might!)

Robin was no more than seven feet away from our table.  Robin's eyes met mine, she smiled.  I was already smiling like crazy but when she started to wave at me the only thing I could do was smile and wave and, "HI ROBIN!"  Wow, where did that come from, I thought.  "Oh, man I am such an idiot!" I told myself so only Mom could hear me.  I imagined smacking myself on the forehead and saying "Der!". 
"Why, Hon?"  Mom asked concerned. 
"I feel like I've known Robin for like, years.  And here I am now making a fool of myself, waving to Robin Jones Gunn, thinking we've been friends since forever, when really I am just a complete stranger to her, and she must think I am such a complete idiot!  Omigosh!  She's walking over to our table!  Why is she coming so quickly?  I forgot what I was going to tell her!  How should I talk to her !?!?!?!  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!"

Okay!  Yeah, I didn't know I could be this freaked out either until I was actually freaking out like that.  I didn't really say that last part..... aloud, that is.

"Hi, I'm Robin!  What's your name?"  Robin actually stood before me... she actually talked to me!
"Wow!  Um.... hi, Robin... I'm Alex (a lot of people call me by that name, fyi), you don't know me, but I've read your books and I am a huuge fan!"
I would define Robin's face as a sun (hear me out people!), she has this warm glow to her suntanned face (she lives in Hawaii, btw), twinkling eyes filled with joy and happiness,  and a wonderful woman of God sounding voice.
"Oh, I'm so glad you enjoy my books!" Robin said sitting down next to me.  Omigosh, she's actually sitting next to me! I thought in my head and bit my lip so I wouldn't scream  (if you don't fully know me by now, when i get nervous and excited at the same time, i ramble...a lot!).
"I know, right?  I just have a heart for your books!  You have inspired me to write my own stories!  Did you even know that I have a shelf in my room that is dedicated to your books?  I just love your books!  They are so amazing!  Do you know if your coming out with a new Katie Weldon book?  I just love those books!  They made me think a lot about college and how fun it will be to share an apartment with a roomie.  I have a best friend, who has read your books too, she loves them, I hope that she will be my roomie one day.  Did you have a roomie when you were in college?"

Yes I'm exaggerating!  I didn't say all of that!  Gosh, that would have been embarrassing!

"I'm really glad!"  Robin replied, still smiling.

Worship started before we could say anything else.  All I could think of when we were all singing was, Robin Jones Gunn is sitting right next to me!  I need to tell Robin about my blog!  I can't wait 'til worship is over so I can talk to her.  

Then I thought, Wait!  It's my time to worship God!  I need to focus on Him not Robin (no offence, Robin).  So I imagined that Robin wasn't even there, like all of a sudden *poof* she was gone.  That helped me a lot (again, no offence Robin)!

After worship, we went to three classes (not all in a row though).  Since this post is already too long (and i forgot my notes) I won't get into that right now.

After the first class, it was lunch time.  Yay!  I get to sit next to Robin again!  I said excitedly in my head.  There were beautifully made lunches on the table before us; a BLT croissant (yum!), a fruit salad (yum!), and an assortment of finger mini cupcake sized desserts (double yum!).

Look at that amazing sandwich!  It's so pretty (and BIG!)!

But when I sat down and looked over to where Robin would sit, her plate was half eaten (she didn't eat her plate she ate the food on her plate, sheesh!)  Disappointed, but assured myself I would get see her some more today.  But this was my time to talk to her without being rushed and everything!  I sorta pouted in my head, while sucking on a grape on my fork before eating.  I realized I was really hungry!  I ate nearly all my fruit then was (not in a rude way) interrupted by a voice, "Hello Ladies!"  Came the voice of Robin.  "Hi!" I managed to say with a wedge of pineapple in my mouth.  Robin sat down and started eating one of the desserts. 

It occurred to me, How on Earth am I going to eat this ginormous sandwich without looking like a complete pig?  I got out my knife (from the rolled up napkin, what, did you really think i'd bring a random knife in my purse...Uh-uh!) and cut the huge sandwich in half.  Though I was super hungry, I tried to eat slowly and sip iced tea in between bites.  That way if Robin asked me a question, I could reply to her without a gurgle in my throat or fling food to her from my mouth (or both)... Oh, how clever am I, I thought sipping my iced tea.

Robin, though, knew when to talk and when not to.  When she noticed I had just finish a bite of my BLT she started, "So, Alex.  What do you like to do?  Do you have any hobbies, any knacks, what?"  She said taking another bite of dessert. 

"Well, I love to read!  Your books inspired me to write some of my own stories.  I really love to write.... I do!  Like I said, you have inspired me to write and tell more people about God's amazing, uhhh.....yeah!"  I was doing the rambling thing again, so Mom politely came in and said, "Yeah, Alex is an amazing writer!  She even started her own blog.  It's really cool!  You should check it out sometime!"

I gave Mom a look; not the kind of look where you're thinking "Ugh!  Mom!" but the kind where you're thinking, "What would I do with out you, Mom!"

Mom smiled at me, as if she new what I was thinking.  Thank you, Mom, I thought.  I could have sworn that she whispered, Your welcome, sweet pea! , to me.  I have an amazing mom!

"Really!  That's so cool!  Tell me about it."  Robin sounded really interested, so I explained what got me thinking about starting my own blog, told her my blog was called it's my life, ya-da-ya-da-ya-da.....

Robin swallowed her previous bite of a chocolate brownie, grabbed my arm and said, "Alex, I have something to tell you,"


Monday, March 7, 2011

it's a god thing: part one

How was your weekend?  Mine?  Thanks for asking!  Mine went a little something like this....

(before getting into this past weekend i'll share how this all got started)

A few weeks before my birthday, Grammy and I were looking at a Christian college magazine called Corban College.  Some of Grammy's friends had gone there so they shared this magazine with her.  We were flipping through some really cool things... and then we saw it!

Heard of Robin Jones Gunn?  Now is your chance to get to know her at Corban College, during our latest event Women 2 Women conference!  She will be signing her well know Christy Miller series, Sierra Jensen series, Katie Weldon series, Sister Chicks and more, there.  Hope you can join us there!

Okay, if you are not familiar with Robin, she is a wonderful women of God, who has written these amazing books for all ages!  She is my one and only favorite author in the world!  The first time I read the Christy Miller series , I was eleven years old and it was summer time.  I was really bored and I needed something to read, So Mom suggested we go to the library.  Mom quickly found the Christy Miller volume one book and told me, "I remember when I read these when I was a little older than you were!  These would be perfect for you!"
Six months later I've read through the Christy Miller series, Sierra Jensen series and now waiting for Christy and Todd the college years on hold from the library.  You can most definitely say that I was (and am) hooked!

Years later I'm sitting on the couch with Grammy, flipping through the Corban College magazine, ya-da-ya-da-ya-da, "Woundn't that be so cool if we went, Allie!"  Grammy told me, "Uh...uh-huh!"  I said super excitedly.  I had never really met a famous person before!  If I did go what would I say, what would I do?  I probably won't even get to talk to her, I thought to myself.  "Maybe that could be one of your birthday presents!  You, your mom, and I could go out for a whole weekend together!"  Grammy said almost more excited as I was, "Yeah...maybe..."  I was still stuck on the thought that there would be a huge chance that I wouldn't be able to talk to my favorite author.  I told Grammy how I felt, "Well there is chance you won't be able to talk very long, but the experience would be really fun!"  She said encouragingly and I agreed.

Friday morning (months later)....the day we (Grammy, Mom, and I) leave for Corban College!  A six hour drive, but I knew the whole thing would be worth it :D  First stop, coffee shop! 

To be honest... I'm not allowed to have any caffeine....ever!  I have had a few cans of Diet Coke before, but never coffee.  Mom told me that since this was a special occasion, I could have a blended white chocolate coffee, with one shot of coffee in it.  I was all like, WOOOHOOO!!!!! ......and that was with out the caffeine!
When I had that first sip, I knew I was hooked.  The whole drink was like a coffee milkshake....soooooo gooooood!  I drank it within seven minutes.... (that explains a whole lot about me, *haha*)
I started getting the jitters and at first I thought I was just, no... I just had the jitters!  I was so full, I thought I was going to be sick, thank God a million times I didn't!

A little over six hours later we had found our hotel which was just beautiful!  We drove to Corban College to see how far it was from the hotel, then drove to a Japanese restaurant for dinner.  Came back to our hotel room, tired and full, did an hour of Algebra homework (i know, right?), and fell into our beds and went to sleep...well I did...*smile*

Seven am (the usual morning line up *giggle*... ugh, click here if you don't know what i'm talking about).... Mom wakes me up to get ready for the conference!

Eight thirty am..... we arrived at Corban College and we are looking at about a hundred tables, with women of all ages swarming around.  We see a table near the front with four open seats.  I suggest we sit over there, so we quickly make our way to the table.  In front of us is a paper bag with colorful tissue paper sticking out (I got purple). 
i got a water bottle, a purple pen, chap stick, a pad of tissues, a book mark, and our schedule! 

Grammy and Mom were on my right and on my left was the empty seat.  I immediately started looking for Robin.  No sign of her.  Grammy and Mom had already started up a conversation with the other women at the table, "So do you gals like Robin's books?" They asked, "Yeah we all have really enjoyed them.  My daughter is a huge fan of Robin!" Mom replied.  I smiled.  "Really!?!  Do you know who is sitting next to you then," She read my name tag, ", Alex?" (btw: i go by alex a lot!).... "Um, no." I said smiling a little, not sure who I might sit by, "Robin...Jones...Gunn!"  They said.

 All of a sudden the room got hot.  Omigosh!  What am I gonna do!  My favorite author is going to be sitting next to me!  Me!  Out of the hundred tables in this one room, she was going to sit at this table...... and sit next to....*gulp*.......................ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was excited and totally nervous at the same time.  What would I say....I have to mention that I love her books, that's for sure....... and that she inspired me to write, too......oh and that I have a blog!  I have to tell her that I have a blog.....wait, how am I going to tell her I have a blog with out sounding rude and demanding that she visit my blog sometime!  Omigosh!  What am I going to say!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  Then.... "Allie!  Look behind yoou!"


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

happy birthday zack!

Today, Zack turned 10 years old!  My youngest brother is growing up so fast *sniff*!  For breakfast, Zack wanted croissants, eggs, hash browns, and BACON.... who couldn't have bacon on their birthday?

Later today, Gammy and Boppa will come up for lunch (i think?) and we'll be having baked macaroni!  YUM!!!! 

We got Zack a LEGO set, a BB Gun (my dad and brothers are really into that kinda stuff), a dry erase board with over a dozen magnets, and of course the new HALO game.  He loves Halo!  He beats everyone at that game...even Dad (sorry daddy.... love you!).  So you can say he has had a pretty awesome birthday, so far, for a 10 year old!

So with that, I will go spend the rest of the evening doing Algebra until Grammy and Boppa come up.  So....