Saturday, November 26, 2011

prayer request

My dear bloggie friends, Chelsea, is going through a lot right now.  If you think of her, pray for her!  She's trying to set aside some time for both of her amazing stories and on top of that her Grandpa is in the hospital.  Please pray for her, guys!  Thank you;]

Dear God,
I pray that you will comfort Chelsea and her family; that you will overwhelm them with your love and your understanding.  I pray for her Grandpa, that if he doesn't have a personal relationship with you, you will help him realize that you have saved all of our lives because of your son.  I pray that you will help Chelsea have some time to work on her stories, and that she will do it all for you.  Thank you, God!

Chelsea, know that I will be thinking of you!  I will keep praying for you;]

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

rain rain come and stay

;]  I do love the sun.  I do.  But I really love the rain.  Sure it can be bothersome at times; the rain will get on your glasses, you step into a huge puddle (on accident) on the way into a grocery store (i hate that feeling), you slip in the mud, you get wet and cold.... heck, rain can be extremely bothersome!  But at the same time;]  it's amazing!  I love how rain can perk you up in moments where you are all in a huff. 

To me, rain feels so romantic.  Does that sound weird?  There are always those moments in romantic/comedy movies where the guy chases after the girl on her way to the airport (i don't know *haha*) in the rain.  She's mad at him for something and they argue in the rain, not really caring about the rain but each other.  And then those magic words slip from the guys mouth, "I love you!"  They usually shout over the rain, which I love!  When they kiss (cause you know at the end of a movie, there has to be a kiss), sparks fly even with the pouring rain.  Their hair and clothes are drenched.  I love movies like those. 

I remember when I was, like, twelve, I went outside in the rain and jumped on our trampoline.  After a while, I just sat in the rain.  I didn't mind it, really.  When I came in sopping wet, my brothers were like, "That's a new way to take a shower!"  Boys will be boys;]  Gotta love 'em.

Do you guys listen to Taylor Swift?  I love her songs, they are so amazing.  One of her songs called Fearless is so inspiring;]  It always makes me smile!

What do you guys think of the rain?  Do you hate it, do you love it?  Are you both? 

This post is for you Rain!  Rain rain, please come and stay (for me?) =]


Saturday, November 12, 2011

don't be fake

I watched this video six months ago and I was in complete awe, "So that's how they do it..." I thought.

Strive to be real, girls!  Because not every girl you see on a magazine is real; don't be fake! 

Friday, November 11, 2011

crazy obsessions

Hello all.  I am kind of at a loss of words today so I thought I would just... I don't know..... (i am at a loss for words, here), Hmmmmmmm... Oh, I know!  I thought I would post about some of my crazy obsessions!  Sorry for the weird intro, I didn't know how to start this post so I just wrote random stuff....yeah;]  I don't know how many crazy obsessions I'm going to add to this "list"  but I'll just write when one comes to me for now.

crazy obsession number one:  Makeup
I am so obsessed about makeup.  Almost more than Tangled!  I know... scary.  I am constantly looking up makeup tutorials and reviews for fancy makeup and stuff.  One time when I was being a real snot to my parents, they kept taking things away from me like friends, ds, computer.  Finally it got to the point where I didn't really care about missing out on those things.  My parents thought about my obsessions for the longest time, trying to find my weakness.  After about two minutes scrambling for a punishment, my dad blurted out, "No makeup for tomorrow!"  He had found my weak spot; the whites of my eyes must have gotten smaller because my dad laughed with success (it was almost hard not to laugh with him though cause mom joined in),"Noooooooooooo!!!"  Nevertheless, the next day, I did not wear makeup.  I am so obsessed with makeup.

crazy obsession number two:  Tangled [you: here we go...]
I have been in love with everything about Tangled; the art, the voices, the characters, the colors, everything!  I have a Rapunzel cup, a Rapunzel and Flynn Rider popcorn bowl that needs at least to bags of popcorn in it to fill it to the top, I have the soundtrack, the movie in Blu ray 3d, Blu ray (i don't even have a blu ray player), and dvd..... and I have watched the movie probably 20 times.... that's actually not a lot.  Although I did watch the movie in Spanish like three times;]  I keep telling myself, when I go to France someday, I'm going to pick up a copy of Tangled in French (cause they don't have it in french on the dvd i have).  And I desperately want the soundtrack in Spanish!  I am very much obsessed with Tangled (don't tell me i'm not!)

crazy obsession number three:  Animation
I can't even describe how much I love animation.  It makes me feel so free, and like I can do anything with a pen and paper.  I don't know how much else I can describe how I feel about art and animating;]

................................... I'm going to stop now.  I am;]  I'm tired, and I really am at a lost for words.  Though I might do some more of these on days I just feel like posting about a weird obsessions that I have;)  Goodbye for now,

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


So I am home from school, I have a new mud mask on right now that is so, so tight.  I haven't eaten since eight this morning, nevertheless I decided I'd check my blog;]  I have new followers!  Oh my goodness gracious me!  Thank you all so much for helping me guys.  And the great tips that you have given me;] 

I know it seems real picky to ask for followers on a blog, and maybe I am real picky.  But I was thinking through my own little thoughts a few nights ago (uninterrupted, yes).  I kept thinking, God!  Don't you want me to have followers so I can reach people who don't know you????  Don't you want me to share this amazing news to people who haven't heard about you, or share to people from a teenagers perspective?  Then I realized.  What.  Am.  I doing?  Am I really doing this for God, or am I doing it for popularity?  To be honest, I know it was mostly for popularity.  I thought about it.  I ran the question through my mind and now I know it was for popularity.  I felt an overwhelming darkness sweep over me in that moment, yet my mind was opened and crystal clear.  I pray now, that God will work this "followers" thing out by Himself, I want Him to work out who comes across my blog.  And I pray that whoever comes across my blog will come away with spiritual encouragement and maybe a new way of thinking things on what goes on in a Christian teenage girls mind.  Heck, I don't care if they go away thinking I'm just a kooky little teenager.  Starting today, my "white flag" is flying around on this post.  I am forfeiting my goal.  Not because I thought I would fail but because I want my followers to actually like me and not just follow me because I beg them to. 
To those of you new followers out there, welcome.  I hope you enjoy my blog and if you don't, well that's okay.  To the followers I've had for a while, I thank you so much for everything.  I still would like it if you tell your friends about my blog, or just mention it, "Hey my friend has a blog, you should check it out sometime."  That is all I ask, you don't have to do anything else.  I hope God will bring the people He wants me to blog to, to my blog so I can encourage them or help them become part of God's family. 

You know.... I have never had a botox (did i even spell that right???) in my entire life, but this mask I have on feels like I just got one;]  Au revoir my dear friends.

Friday, November 4, 2011

help me!

I just realized.... it's November!!!!!  Christmas is in a month in half!!!! I need your guy's help!  Can you spread the word about my goal, please!  Tell people to come to my blog and.... follow me?  Maybe?  I really want to make it to 100 hundred followers by Christmas (or more;] )  So if you have a lot of followers or friends, please tell them for me;]  You don't know how much you guys have inspired me this past year of blogging;]  Please spread the word for me!