Wednesday, January 25, 2012

finals, awkward moments, and *gasp* do i have a boyfriend?

So yes I did have my birthday (obviously), but it ended up being a no-go for my birthday party.  It snowed like a foot over here D;  BUT!  That meant there was no school which meant no finals for another week :D  If you're wondering, I had an amazing birthday!  Because I have so many family members, I haven't had the chance to see a few of them because of the crummy weather conditions.  But all in all, I had an a-mazing birthday with my family of four:] 

Because I'm back at school now, yesterday and today were finals for my biology and algebra.  I hate tests (blegh!).  Though I am still breathing (yay!) and my brain is still intact (this is good... i think).  I'm going to tell you about some of the awkward moments that happened today.

First, I was following a guy my age all the way to our algebra class portable and he was on crutches.  I am literally lingering behind him and he probably thinks I'm this weird stalker!  Or worse he might have thought I liked him (which i don't). 

Second, same guy on crutches, we get to the portable door and he looks at the door and starts to readjust on his crutches.  I start trotting a little faster thinking he might need someone to get the door for him, "Oh, do you want my to get that?" I say sort of chuckling (not at him!  i am not that rude ;] )  "No we have to go to a different portable," He say as he "skips" along with his crutches (what do you say when someone is walking with crutches...?? skipping sort of came to mind).  And he totally does not make I contact with me and he looks totally embarrassed.  I'm not sure if guys like being asked by girls if they need help, even if the guy doesn't like her!  Just sayin'.

Third, when we get to the portable (different of course) we have these middle school single desk and chairs (the ones that are one type of furniture) and let me tell you, high schoolers are a lot bigger and taller than middle schoolers.  So it wasn't very comfortable for anyone to sit in those today.  Plus we barely had any space to put our books and calculator, let alone having a spot to do our test on.  I felt like I was Buddy the elf.

Fourth, I'm halfway through my test, absentmindedly playing with my pencil when *bing*!  I flick my pencil right out of my hand (this is actually not the first time this has happened) and it hits the guy sitting next to me, on the leg and for a split moment, I think to myself, "Maybe I can finish my test without my pencil."  I'm not kidding guys!  And the guy, oh my gosh, he was so nice to just smile, pick it up and hand it back to me.  If you're wondering, he is attractive;)  But I don't think I like like him, ya know.

And that about wraps it up for awkward moments for today!  The cutest thing happened today, I am not even kidding!  A little boy who was probably 6,7, or 8 was asking one by one, all of the girls who were coming out of the English class, "Do you have a boooyfriend? *heeheeeeeee*"  He was the cutest thing and he totally made my day.  I should have gotten his number XD  Just kidding :]

Monday, January 16, 2012


As I wait to go downstairs to see my birthday morning with my fam, i thought I would blog for a bit.  I am fifteen, as of this morning at eight o'clock!  Scary.  Exciting!  Sad.  Exciting!

I know the song might be kind of cheesy but I had to put it up!

When I turn 16 I'll have to put this music video up *heehee*

Have a great day!
ps it's snowing

Friday, January 13, 2012

bold is all i can say

Watch.  I was in utter bewilderment when I saw this clip.  I am amazed.  Really.  Amazed.  Words can say so much in these four minutes;)  Plus the dude is kind of a hottie d;

Where do you stand?  Are you for religion, for Jesus or are you for neither?  I'm listening:)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Have you ever had a "fried" brain, before?  Have you ever felt a "fried" brain, before??  It doesn't feel good.  But for now I will try to pass this epic fried brain feeling :p 

Finals are coming up.  Freaking out.  Just want it to be over with, but at the same time I want it to be a long time so I can get some studying done, but at the same time I don't want to do anything because of my fried brain.  Okay, I'm going to be braggy right now (because it's "my life" that's why!).  I am a grade A student!  I am an over-achiever, and my teachers have even told me so.  I am glad I get A's and that I am known as the over-achiever!  It makes me feel really good.  But let me just tell you, when it comes to tests, I suck!  I don't what it is that makes me get D's to just almost barely a B on tests, but that's what happens.  I don get easily distracted on others (is it just me or do the scratches from the pencils and the flipping of pages seem to be amplified when taking tests??), but still!  Last year when I took the finals for pre-algebra, my final grade was a C.  I had gotten all A's that year with the exception of a few B's.  Prayers are NEEDED, please ;] 

I will also be having my 15th birthday on the 16th:)  My party will be on the 15th and I am super duper excited.  I need to..... HOLY COW!  I just looked at my calendar and my birthday is in 5 days!!!!  I just had a huge fried brain wave....Ugh!  So overwhelmed >.<  Studying, birthday, birthday party, and FINALS do not mix together very well :(

Other than that everything is pretty normal.  Oh, except my family and I will be taking french lessons on Thursdays (yay!)! 


Friday, January 6, 2012

hi! i'm allie... remember?

It's been too long, guys!  I'm serious.  I feel so guilty (yeah that long!).  Merry LATE Christmas and Happy LATE New Year:)  I hope you had a wonderful holiday and get back into the swing of things in school and work.

Okay, so guess who got homework for Christmas break?  ME!!!!!! (what a woop-dee-doo surprise!)  That's the main thing that had been holding me back that last week of the year ;(  So I couldn't tell you all how my holidays were.  They were fine if you were wondering:)  But I was not ready for the new year!  2012??? Oh my gosh!  I am getting so freakin' old!  I turn 15 in ten days and I am legally allowed to start driving once I'm done with drivers ed...... with a parent of course, but WHOA!  That just kinda popped up on me!!!  The first day of 2012 was when I got this dvd/package from my parents insurance saying, "You have a teen that's ready to start driving in a few weeks!  This an exciting time for teenager but scary time for you parents."  I'm like, "Did anyone ever think it would be scary for me????"  For those of you who drive, please leave me an encouraging "driving wisdom" comment.

Also, I got a drawing tablet!  Yay!  So I'll be posting some of my art on here now;)  I'm still trying to figure this thing out, so I can't promise much.

I also have a Photoshop "website" where you guys can also see my art.  It's almost like a facebook for art;)  Here's the link!  You can leave comments if you have your own account, too:)

Bye for now (hopefully i won't go missing for another few weeks),