Tuesday, May 31, 2011

i'm ba-a-ack *mwa-hahahaaaa*

It's been busy, folks.  Pretty busy;)  Almost in a good way, but not really.  Finals are here (next week is the last week of co-op, yay!  mom has some things we need to get through, though, aww); I am still working on my review for the Praying for Your Future Husband (i haven't forgotten about that :)  it should be up soon); Mom and I have been talking about next years schedule (high school!!!), we're hoping to do more classes at our awesome co-op (yay!); I am drawing a lot more (thank you, thank you) and my sketch book is filling out quite nicely (if may say so myself). 

But lately, my mind has been somewhere else.  My mind...... has been in California:)  Oh, how I dream of living there, going to college there, working late at Disneyland on weekdays, getting tan, smelling the fresh smell of California, becoming a Disney Animator:D  I've been dreaming a lot, as you can see.

I've also been thinking a lot of what I don't have and what I want, like, "Oh, if only I had photoshop, everything would make my drawing/blogging life easier." and, "If only I had a Facebook, I would be able to contact all of my friends from youth group, and know what's going on with their lives in a matter of seconds." and, "If only I had a cell phone I could actually text on, I would look cooler like other kids." (hey, at least it's not smoking) as well as, "If only I was sixteen, I could drive, have my own car, get my own job, and have the money to buy these things I must have!"

And now I'm remembering from one of the Christy Miller books, my mind was set in The Land of If Only (must read the books to understand this, people!)!  If my mind is set in The Land of If Only, I'm going to miss out on real life!  I should be trusting God with His plans for me.  I know that if I focus on God instead of The Land of If Only, He will help me live as a true Daughter of God and help me reach my goals (photoshop, driving, facebook, etc.) and my dreams (california, disney, etc.) in life (i don't really know if there's a difference from wanting something and dreaming it, but whatever)!  Some of the things I want/dream now might not be what God has in store for me in the future, but I am now determined to live for God, follow Him, and lift my spirits up to Him when I don't understand:)

Here's an Awesome song that I just love and had to share with you guys:)  Don't you just love Britt Nicole?  Cause I do:)


Saturday, May 21, 2011

un samedi en france: who are you/do you speak...

Bonjour!  Comment allez-vous? {hello!  how are you?} Let's begin, shall we:D  (i didn't know how to say that in french, so i just wrote in english....... moving on ^o^ )

Excuse me, do you speak English? :  Excusez-moi, vous parlez anglais? (excuze-ay-mwa, voo parlay onglay)
{vous parlez: you are?}

Um, no, I'm sorry, I don't understand English. :  Heu, non, desolee, je ne comprends pas l'anglais. (uh, nohn, day-zo-lay, zjey, nu, comp-rand, pa, onglay) {ne....pa: i don't}

But I speak French! :  Mais jes francais! (majz, zjey, frawn-say)

I speak a little French:  Je parle un peu francais.  (zjey, parl, un, pu, frawn-say) {un peu: a little}

I speak French very well:  Je parle tres bien francais.  (zjey, parl, tray, biun, frawn-say) {tres bien: very well/good)

I am: Je suis (zjey, swee)

Are you American? :  Vous etes Americain? (voo,zeyt,amereecahn)

No, I'm American:  Non, je suis Americain. (nohn, zjey suis, amereecahn)

Are you Japanese? :  Vous etes Japonais? (voo, zeyt, japonay)

I'm not Japanese, I'm French! :  Je ne suis pa Japonais, je suis Francais! (zjey, new swee, pa, japonay, zjey swee frawnsay)

She: Elle (ell)

No, she's not French, she's Portuguese! :  Non, elle n'est pas Francaise, elle est Portugaise!
(nohn, ell, nay, pa, frawnsayz, elle, ay, portugaze)


Friday, May 20, 2011

for the love of friday

My uncle sent this video to my family and I (know that this is not his video, he just found it)!  So funny!!! Enjoy :)


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

oh zit!!!

How much more do I need to feel like a teenager?!?  Derrr..... a zit!  You don't got one of those!  That's right folks, I got my first zit a few days ago.  I always wanted a zit when I was little, to let people know that I was all grown up..... because I have a zit?  Sadly,yes.  Now?  Are you kidding me?!  (of course this happens right before youth group!)

Thankfully, I didn't throw out my CoverGirl 'invisible' concealer last Saturday when I was cleaning out my makeup bag!  That was a close one=O 

For now, I'm just going to put on bacitracin and 'invisible' on my big, fat zit (i'm not kidding about the size!  it's huge!!!).  Do any of you gals out there use any other products that help?  Or am I the only one who has a giant zit?! 


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

tuesday's treasure

Hello friends.  I'm honestly tired and am too lazy to do a long post.  I'll just list a few things that happened to be thrown out at me today....

: : :  slept in an hour later than i should have (no time for shower) : : :

: : :  a  *cough* larger *cough*  kid pushed (he really bumped me, still hard though!) me, making the sleeve of my sweater to get caught on the chain link fence at school.  every time i'd try to pull away just made me get caught even more (embarrassing really) : : :

: : :  got a ninety-seven problem packet of algebra (oh boy) due next week (double oh boy) : : :

: : :  went on a walk, had a crazy, wild dog swerving from left to right (mine of course!) : : :

: : :  got blisters (ouch) : : :

Things I'm planning on doing after this post.....

: : :  eat popcorn : : :

: : :  drink ice cold root beer : : :

: : :  watch a few episodes of blossom (yay!) : : :

: : :  relax : : :

Tuesday's Treasure

getting an ice cream cone from mc donalds (score!)


Saturday, May 14, 2011

princess and pirate ball

Yes, it was wonderful and beautiful... and cold (really cold).  It took me about two hours to get ready.  I wore my Easter Sunday dress and my first pair of heels (click here for more details on my heels)!  Mom got me some new makeup to work with for the ball (thanks mom!) and took me out for a pedicure (thanks mom!).  I curled my hair, put a mini tiara in my hair that I got from Disney World.  It was so much fun getting ready:)  These videos came to mind when I thought of the ball,

After Mom painted my finger nails (cause, you know, i suck at it if i do it myself), she looked at our youth pastors facebook page, and she was all like, "Nate just wrote that he hired dance instructors to help you guys dance!"  The world around me all of a sudden slowed to a stop, Dance?!?!  Like,  really dance?!?!  With a *gulp*... boy?!?!?  I thought in my ready to pass out brain.  I honestly didn't expect dancing (like for real dancing) a ballroom dance or doing the Cha-cha!  I thought we would be dancing the Chicken Dance (yeah, our youth group is wild!) or something crazy like that!  But oh no, it was official; we were all going to learn a ballroom dance (or waltz i guess...idk) and the Cha-cha.

The whole time I was getting ready, that was all I was thinking about... dancing.  When Mom called me down for dinner, I felt really sick to my stomach, Ugh!  Just what need before going to a real (and first) dance!  Dinner *blah*... 

I told Mom I wasn't hungry and said I'd pass dinner tonight, "No, at least eat a little bit of dinner." Mom said as I forced myself to sit down at the table and eat a quarter of what I had on my plate.  Then Mom wanted pictures....

hand lotion, face lotion, and my hairspray!

my pretty blue brush!

gettin' ready!


oops!  i need to start all over:(

dress and cardigan: target, tiara:WDW, heels: payless, earings: kohls, necklace: a gift

i love the color i chose!  it went really well with the outfut!

When Mom dropped me off at church, I got all nervous/excited/hot/sweaty...... basically, what any other teen would feel like at there first dance.... or maybe it was just me.  I found one of my new friends, Libby, that I had met at the winter youth retreat last winter, and we talked and walked around before the dance started. 

The church was all decked out with everything pirates and princesses!  At every arch/doorway, there was a trellis of pretty pink flowers and green leaves (all fake but realistic looking), I think you can guess that was for the princesses.  For the pirates, there was a huge pirate flag, and Pirates of the Caribbean theme music in the background.  Guys wore a selection of pirate hats, eye patches, a hook, regular clothes, or a whole pirate costume!  Some girls wore jeans and a t-shirt, a cotton dress (like i did), or a full on prom dress.  I noticed one of the girls there, had a really showy offy dress (there was absolutely no back to it... i almost threw up at the sight of  boys going googly eye over her and her taking it all in), who I will not name. 

Many girls shrieked as they ran for the bathroom screaming that they got nacho cheese on their dress (of all the snacks in the world they chose nachos.... really?!?!  at a formal!?!?!).  The funny thing is, is that I didn't see any of the guys eating the nachos, I only saw girls with nachos (it just made me laugh).  Libby and I were steering clear from the nachos, and fretting about the whole "you gotta dance with a boy" thing.

When we went through the door to the "ball room/ dance floor for the night", there were two rows of chairs, one on one side of the room, one on the other.  Girls on one side, boys on the other.  Libby and I grasped each others hands; my heart was pounding, I was sweating more than ever in my life, and my face was supper red.  Please know that I am not usually a sweater (seriously), I think it was just the occasion that started this..... I was freaking out so badly.

When our dance instructor told us to pick partners, Libby and I turned to each other, "Partners!"  We said at the same time.  Apparently, a lot of other girls were doing the same thing.  Libby and I danced for a while, got lost and didn't know what to do, found our places again, danced some more, then sat on the chairs on the girls side.  My legs ached and my feet were killing me, How on earth can girls on Dancing with the Stars do this all the time in heels?!?!  I thought, slipping of my shoes. 

A guy came up to Libby and asked her to dance.  She glanced at me and I smiled; she told me before she was NOT going to dance with a guy, "Um, sure."  The instructor was just teaching us things at this point.  It wasn't a "Ooh, let's see what guy will ask me to dance with him" kinda thing (but still, a big thing for most girls and guys).  I think some leaders were telling some of the guys on their bench to ask the girls on their bench to dance.

Finally a guy asked me (eep!), "You want to dance?" My mind was spinning {processing..... processing.... processing....}, How do I tell him I don't want to.  If I tell him I don't I'll hurt his feelings and I'll just end up sitting on the bench by myself.  That would be embarrassing!  How do I tell him I want to dance with him then?  What if I make a complete idiot out of myself, and step on his foot or worse lead when he's supposed to be leading.  I was thinking all of this (or more) in five seconds tops,  "U-uh... sure."  I got up and followed him to the dance floor. 

I watched and listened as the instructor told us ladies to take a spin under the gentleman's arm (there must be a name for that move, i just can't think of it now), "Oh great..." He and I both said, as well as the other ninety-so kids on the dance floor.  The spin, our instructor said, was supposed to last six seconds (a really looooonnng spin), so like, one (mississippi), two (mississippi), three (mississippi), four (mississippi), five (mississippi), six (mississippi)......... imagine each second (and mississippi) feeling like a thousand years.

"Get in your position, ladies and gentlemen!" Our instructor called out.  "My guy" held up his left hand which I nervously slid my right hand into, then putting my left hand on his arm, and then his right hand on my left shoulder blade, please don't pass out!  please don't pass out!  PLEASE DON'T PASS OUT!!! I screamed in my head.  I was thinking about not passing out so much, I went for the twirl in two seconds instead of six!  How embarrassing!  I told my self.  "My guy" looked around and noticed everyone else was still doing the spin, "Hey so-en-so (i forgot what what his friend's name was), we beat you!  Haha!"  Are you kidding me?!?!  I thought in my head as I stared at my toes.

Our instructor told us to do that move two more times, so I felt a little better.  The last two times, I did it perfectly (if i may say so myself), yet still nervous and really tired.  When our instructor told us to switch partners...... I don't even remember what happened.  I think "my guy" and I might have smiled at each other.... I'm not sure if we said bye, but I think to the guy it was, "Hurry up!  All the good girls are gonna be taken!" I don't know...

I ended up sitting on the bench again with Libby.  We looked at each other for a long time, "We did it."  I said to her.  "I know..... it was so scary!!!!"  and then we talked about how nervous we were for the next ten minutes.  The Cha-cha was next.

After the Cha-cha, it was time to go.  I had the time of my life dancing with my friend, Libby.  I danced with a boy for the first time, oh can I tell you guys something.  I'm not really interested in the guy I danced with, if that's what you're wondering.  I don't know, I mean his appearance was okay but not ugly, if you know what I mean.  But then again I shouldn't be judging some one by their cover:) I just don't think I could see us "together", besides, it was just a dance.

When I got home and after watching an episode of The Middle (i love that show), I went to bed.  My legs and feet were sore, my head was spinning with all the events that night, and I thought...... that's it, I just thought.  I won't tell you what I thought, but I'll tell you that I just thought.... a lot.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

do wedges count?

I think I was eleven when I got my first wedges.  Three years later, they totally fall apart and of course, Payless doesn't sell those same kinds that I dearly loved ;(

You all know that the Princesses and Pirates Ball is coming up (it's actually tomorrow!!!), Mom and I have been searching for formal wear for almost two weeks... nothing..... >o<  I still have my Easter dress though, so I'm don't feel at all depressed.  It's close to formal, I guess,  but it's my favorite dress out of all of my dress history!  Since I'm not up for a photo shoot right now (fyi: mind blown from algebra!), I'll post some pictures of the dress (and me) in the next few days:)

Anyway, we were talking about shoes (you: we were?!?!)!  Obviously, I won't be able to wear those old wedges.... cause they're broken (big derrr moment for me), but Mom and I went out to Payless (cause you know, i love payless) and I found the cutest heels EVER!!  Technically, these are my first heels, cause wedges are totally different from heels, right?  I mean, wedges have block like heels to them.... and heels just have pinkie size stick like heels..... am I confusing you?  Hmmmmmmmm, honestly I couldn't think of any other explanation for wedges and heels =O  I have pictures of my very first pair of heels, though!

ta-da!  see, heels =D

ain't they purty?

super cute!

sorry for the picture of my ugo foot =*

Au revoir, my dear friends!  Oh, and guess what?  I read the Praying for Your Future Husband devotion book!  I'm going to need a few more days thought to set up the post:)  Thanks guy (sorry, gals)!  Have a beautiful week!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

happy birthday nick!

The oldest of my younger brothers, Nick, is turning twelve!  I can't believe it;)  He's growing up so fast, it's scary!
Since we haven't started the party yet (cause he hasn't opened any of his presents), I won't be able to tell you what we got him.  But here are a few pictures in honor of Nick!

Nick's favorite dancer (ever) is Michael Jackson!  From the moonwalk to the tip toe stand (whatever), he (nick) can do it all!

Nick has always dreamed of being a director; and it all started with Steven Spielberg!

Nick's favorite artist (not mine) is Justin Bieber.  Oh, and Nick looks a heck of a lot like him, too!

Whenever I think of Kung Fu Panda, I always think of Nick (i really don't know why)!?!?  He'll be watching this movie at his friend party:)

HAPPY 12 BIRTHDAY NICK!  Your big sister,

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

tuesday's treasure

It's still pretty early in the morning to have done something!  But I do know what we're (my mom and brothers) going to do today.  We're mostly going to do a bunch of grocery shopping and DRESS shopping!  Yep, you read that right!  At our church, we just happen to have a ball (not a bouncy ball a ball that you dance at!), it's theme is Dancing with the Aaaurgghs!  Princesses and Pirates (get pirates, aaaurggh!?)!

Any who, the dress shopping a little hard because...... wellllll, I got sunburned.  AND REALLY BAD!!!!  My family and I were outside the whole day on Sunday (like the whole day!!!)  and wouldn't you know it?  Gee I got sunburned, on a Sunday:(  It still hurts really bad,  it may seem like I'm okay on my blog, but what you aren't seeing is this, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGHHH!

Okay, I'm done *giggle*!  (not really, i'm still hurting *ow*)  That's what I'm doing today, not quite sure what the treasure is.......... oh!  No school today!!!!  Yaaaaaay!