Tuesday, October 26, 2010

tooth story tuesday

Yes! I will be talking about my teeth history... I promise you it won't be gross or nasty. HeeHee!

The first time I went to the orthodontist, I really, really, and I mean really wanted braces. To me, they told everyone, I'm old enough to have braces! I'm a big girl now! Well I was nine when I had my first appointment, so I wouldn't be getting them quite yet. Dr.B, put this thingie in my mouth, which I'm sorry to say I don't know what it was or did. All I know is that I had to wear it for about a year, the wire thingie was at the roof of my mouth, and it was shaped like a 2-D mountain... from what I remember.Because my family and I didn't really know what the thingie in my mouth was called, we just called it a "retainer". It wasn't though! When Dr.B said I would have to have this in my mouth before my braces , I was so bummed! I had told everybody at school (I was in public school until after the forth grade) ,that was in my class, that I was going to get my braces. "Wow! You're really and truly going to get braces?" The nine year old kids asked me in class. With the flip of my hair, trying to act as calm and not that excited, I just answered, "Why yes I am! Now tell me, when will you get your teeth jewelry?"... Well I didn't say that last line, but I was kinda wanting to... but that might be bragging, almost.

So when I walked into the classroom, tardy because of the appointment to get the "retainer" in my mouth, everyone looked at me, then at the teacher, and ran from their seats and yelled, "LE' ME SEE!". I looked at my mom who was standing behind me mouthing "sorry" to our third grade teacher. I looked back at the kids standing around me, with googly eyes, and explained as calmly as I could, "Um, I had to get a retainer before my braces." I tried to fake a smile. The kids, still, stared at me with there big googly eyes... finally, "LE' ME SEE!" From all of the kids! I showed all of them, with pride, but still thinking, "I wish I got my braces today."

Fast forward about a year and I finally got my "retainer" out. When Dr. B took it out, I looked in the mirror and saw the imprint of the wire on the roof of my mouth. I thought that was so cool! Dr. B said I could come back in a few weeks to get my braces on. I was all like, "WOOHOO!!!! LET'S GO CELEBRATE!!!"... and we did. The night before I got my braces on, Mom took me out to get our nails done, and we got caramel apples for our whole family. We all ate them that night, on the outdoor deck. The forth grade would be approaching me soon, and I was going to be whole new person! I was going to show off to my friends, my teacher, and maybe my crush, if I had the nerve. Remember, I was (and am) very quiet!

I had always heard that getting your braces on, hurts! So I was really nervous. When Mom and I sat in the waiting room, my legs were shaking. I couldn't stop bouncing them back up and down. I'm not sure if it was my nervousness, or I was just excited. Then, "Alexandra?" It was one of Dr.B's assistants who was going to help him with my braces. I stood up looked at mom, and gave her a shaky smile. I don't remember If Mom came back with me or not. But I knew that she was right there if I needed her.
Two and a Half hours later, after having my mouth stretched every which way for every reason in the book, I walked out to the waiting room and smiled at Mom and my brothers, Nick and Zack. I don't think I talked much because of two reasons; I sounded weird and my mouth was screaming with pain. After that I wasn't so sure I wanted to have teeth jewelry.
A few weeks after I got my braces on, We went to our families favorite beach, for a weeks worth of vacation. Oh sure it was fun, but different, every year we go there, I get a caramel apple, and I'm happy. Well this year I couldn't get my caramel apple...  =^0 not like I wasn't happy.... it was just different.

Oh, how it actually turned out, getting braces wasn't so bad! My friends loved them, my teachers, loved them, and my crush... well... now that I look back and have seen my brothers grow up, and my littlest brother being a ten year old... I've figured out that boys, aren't into girls... at that age at least. He was just a crush and looking back I'm like, " Seriously?". Anyway!

With the usual orthodontist appointments, getting them tightened and getting new color bands, I was adjusting just fine. I was actually noticing some improvement!
When I turned twelve, I didn't treat my braces the same. I thought they looked geeky, and it felt like I would never be able to get them off. I would just be Allie, the girl who always wore braces. I began asking Dr. B when I could get my braces off, "I remember a time, Alexandra. Where a little nine year old girl was just dying, and begging me to put braces on her teeth." I laughed, "Well, you know...." my voice trailed off. At the time I had to wear these tiny rubber bands on my braces 24/7 to help my over bite. Well they were the darnedest things to put in so I didn't wear them much. "You can get your braces off, Alexandra, when you start wearing your rubber bands more. That's going to take a few months to adjust your over bite, so I suggest you start now." He did a little chuckle. Since he mentioned that, I began wearing those bands for as long as I could manage.

Five months later, "Alexandra you are ready to get those braces off your teeth!" Dr. B said. On the outside I was totally calm and said, "Oh that's awesome!", but on the inside I was like, "YES!!! I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT FOR AGES!!!!". When he said I was free to go, I ran to Mom in the waiting room and said, "I'M GETTING MY BRACES OFF!!!". We were all so excited!!! I was so happy.

About a million years had passed, or it seemed like it, I had gotten my braces off! I think it hurt more than getting them on, I'm not sure, but either way, it was soooo worth it! I just wanted to get them off! Or so I thought. When Dr. B handed me a mirror, I looked and almost felt... sad. A big essential of my life was taken away from me... and I sorta missed it. I looked kinda weird without them and for some reason my teeth looked really big to me, and not in a good way. I looked at my Mom and her face was just beaming. Her only daughter just got her braces off, how exciting! She could tell something was up so she asked. "It might take me a while for me to get used to it." I said kind of lowly so no one except Mom could hear. We walked out to my brothers in the waiting room. Nick was standing by himself, "Where's Zack. Why are you starring at me like that?" I was really bummed about my teeth... hey you would be too if you had braces for two and a half years to find out your teeth didn't look the way you wanted them to. I was mad and I didn't want to deal with any jokes from my brothers. "Just watch honey, and play along." Mom said. I put on my best smile, without showing my teeth. It was really early in the morning so we were the only ones there, and all of the people who worked there stood watching us, smiling. Something was up, but what? And where was Zack in all of this? "Abracadabra!" Nick said and Zack popped from behind a bench and held out a bag with goodies in it! I was shocked! I didn't expect them to get something for me. "Aaaaawww!" The staff all said at once and started clapping. I hugged my brothers and said thanks. Dr. B gave me a bag full of goodies too. Wow I'm on a roll today!

Wait for it....


Okay so I had to smile for one picture giggle

Two days later, I came back to the orthodontist to get my pink, Tinkerbell sticker, with sparkles, retainer! My first retainer, remember my first "retainer" wasn't a real retainer. giggle
Now I just have appointments every other month just for my check up. It's all good! It did take me awhile to get used to my "new" teeth, but now I'm happy with them! I really am!

Oh and my first wisdom tooth is coming in!!!! I know! It hurts but it's exciting!

That will be the end of my Tooth Story History speech, so I hope I didn't bore you or disgust you in any way!

Monday, October 25, 2010

colder than ever

Here in the Northwest... it's funny. Last summer was the hottest summer I have ever experienced in my life. Two or three years ago we had like over four feet of snow in the winter. They say this year should be worse! Like snow and everything. Some days I can believe it and others I just can't. Other days it's like 65 degrees out side... and that's a good day out here in the Northwest! Some days are like today; you wake up, it's raining, 49 degrees just barely 50, and find it harder to do things that you normally do... like writing on you web journal, and realizing that you can't feel your fingers. Today I am completely bundled up... I have my favorite jeans on, my WDW sweater on, and my frog slippers, that are almost dead (I've actually worn them out to the point of them being dead!omigosh!).  Now my fingers are white and sneaking a little warmth from my sweater pockets every few seconds.
Mom's calling me down for baked potatoes... one of my favorites! So I'll chat with you later!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

define prayer

What does prayer mean? Well to me, prayer means I am having a conversation with my Lord, God. That's also what it says in the dictionary. But what do you think prayer means? Do you sit in a dark room with candles flickering away, and say, "Dearest God, Howeth do thee do?". Well you could be saying "Hey what's up God? How you hangin'?" on a subway and He wouldn't care. "But Allie, shouldn't we talk in these ancient ways to let God know we love him?" No! God doesn't care! God just wants to talk with you. So anyway you pray is just fine.

When you pray, what do you pray about? Do you pray that you will pass your math test on Monday morning? Do you pray that your crush will dump your worst nemesis for you? Do you pray that you'll get everything you want for Christmas? Well, that's totally fine if you pray for that! Of course! You can pray for anything you want! But... just because you pray for something doesn't mean you're going to get everything you pray for. Sure that sounds awful at first, but think about it. What would happen if everyone got everything that they prayed for? Sure you would get everything you prayed for, but so would everybody else. If you prayed for a million dollars and POOF it was there, other people would be praying for the same thing. That doesn't sound to bad, right? Wrong! Every villain out there would be praying for more drugs, guns, and maybe even to be God. Now God didn't make this rule because he was selfish and he wanted to be the only God ever. He made this rule because he didn't want people to take advantage of prayer. Prayer wouldn't really be called prayer anymore. It would be wishing. The whole point of prayer is so that you can talk to God. You see what I mean?

How often do you pray? Honestly think about that question, and give an honest answer. A couple of years ago I like, rarely prayed. Really honest to goodness, I just didn't. I never really gave it much thought. One day at church, our girls children pastor, Sarah, was talking about praying. She said, "Imagine not talking to your parents...ever. You came down for breakfast, didn't even give them a sideways glance, and you left for school. You come home from school, and you don't say anything, you just walk up stairs, do your homework, eat dinner, and go to bed with out saying one word to your parents the whole day." Imagine God being your parents in this story. God just sits around watching you and you don't even say hello. God loves it when you talk to him! Who doesn't like to be talked to? How often do you talk to your parents... pretty much all the time, right? God is your Heavenly Father. How often do you talk to your dad? I talk to my dad a lot! Imagine never talking to your dad. That would be really sad. Well, God is really sad when you aren't talking to him. Try talking to God more, but also keep talking to your dad (and mom) as well =^D

I hope you talk to God soon!

Dear Lord,
I pray that this message will be found by the people who really need this message. I pray that the message I share will really help people in need of your teaching. I love you God!
In your name I pray,

Saturday, October 23, 2010

a case of bronchitis

Yep! That's right, Bronchitis (bronc-eye-dous)! That's what I got when we got back home from the airport. Bronchitis, is where your lungs are all tightened up and it's harder to breathe. On the side of that, my throat was sore and I was always tired. I had all this for about a week with no sign of getting better, so mom called the doctor and got me in. It was like what I got from the Florida trip, only a million times worse (my Boppa still had a really bad sore throat and cough)! When we got to the doctors, they had me put on a mask so I wouldn't spread any sickness to others. There were a lot of elderly people staring at me. Great, how humiliating. This mask really said it all, "Look at me, I'm sick!" and to make it worse, when I exhaled, my breath fogged up my glasses. groan
About ten minutes later, the doctor was checking if I had strep throat. I hate the swab check! It tickles the back of my throat and I feel like I'm going to puke. Luckily, I didn't. Forty minutes later, mom and I are in the car driving to Bartell Drugstore to pick up my medicine. The doctor said I didn't have strep, but Bronchitis. Yeah, I already told you about that. She prescribed me some cough medicine, and steroids which were to help me with the Bronchitis. "You may find that this medicine makes you extra hungry..." She said. Grrreeeat! I gain on vacation, and now I get to gain when I'm sick? Actually it turns out I didn't! YAY!!! "My guess is that you will be back to normal in about two weeks." The doctor said. I smiled "Super!"... I was being sarcastic.
About two weeks later and I'm back to normal, just like the doctor said. I just hope I don't have to deal with Bronchitis ever again!

Friday, October 22, 2010

florida trip!

A few weeks ago, my family and I went to Florida for the first time in eleven years! We went for two whole weeks which is the longest I have ever been away from home. Let me tell you something about Florida. The heat is unbearable. We're from the Northwest so while we were in ninety degree weather no wind, our friends on the other side of the country were rained out with thunderstorms. So stepping outside the airport doors with still ninety degree weather, I was completely surprised. Sure my family kept saying "Florida weather is not the same kind of weather as it is here." "Okay, okay!" is all I said. Boy was I taken by surprise.

We went to Universal Studios for the first three days and I had a blast! Their rides were awesome! One of the rides that my brothers and I desperately wanted to go on was closed. The ride is called "Rip Ride and Rocket" and it had the biggest, steepest drop I have ever seen in my whole life. I think they were doing the "roller coaster checkups".  Here's a picture of the drop!
At the time we were in Dr.Seus Land.
Another thing about Florida is that they have geckos all over!!! I was freaking out "THERE'S A GECKO BY MY FOOT!!!"  But after a while I got used to it... sorta =^D

The rest of our vacation was spent in Walt Disney World! That was really awesome!!! I had a lot of fun! But the first hmmm... I don't know five days we were there I WAS SICK!!! I know right? Who gets sick when they're in WDW? I guess it was me (and my Boppa =^O  )!!!! So the only thing I could do was drink oj, read my book, and sleep. I mostly slept though. After I got better I had lots of fun! We had to rearrange some of our schedules though =^(  but some days I had to toughen up and go with it. We had a lot of restaurant reservations and it's so hard to get into those restaurants cause they're always booked, so we couldn't really reschedule that.
A week and a half later we were at the airport again. I was just done. I didn't mind leaving WDW, I didn't mind the fact that we were leaving Florida and we probably wouldn't be back for another eleven years. I... was... just... DONE.
 Now I have to say that I hate flying in airplanes! "Honey,  airplanes are supposed to be the safest moving vehicles there are today..." Oh BUTTERSCOTCH!!!! I'm terrified of just being in the air!!!! But the funny thing is, is that I always must sit by the window. Why? (forgive me if this grosses you out) Because I never have to go to the bathroom on an air plane. I just don't! And I hate having to get up and out of my seat when someone does. Why get up if I am not the one who needs to go!!! SERIOUSLY!!!

Fast forward a few weeks and here I am! Safe in my own home! You want to know another funny thing? I got sick again when we got home. I'll tell you about it later!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

welcome to my life!

Hey Guys!

This is my very first blog, so I'm still trying to figure out all the bells and whistles. Let me tell you some things about me and why I've chosen to write this web diary.

I am a christian teenage girl, and I'm very quiet. I am homeschooled ,which might be one of the reasons why I'm so quiet. Most days you will find me with my nose in a book, drawing, or hanging out with my favorite dogs in the world! I do too have real human friends!

Sometimes I don't get to say the things I want to say in real life. I'm always getting interrupted. (Get it? allieinterrupted.blogspot.com)
So in it's my life, I can finally finish my very own sentence...maybe my own paragraph... or even my own post! I'm going to share everything that's going on in my life! Come again and visit me soon in it's my life!