{ fa( c )q }'s

What are {fa(c)q}'s you ask?  Well FACQ, made by your lovely moi, stands for, "Frequently Asked Christian Questions".  So I've made a list of frequently asked Christian questions for those who might not understand what it means to be a Christian, why we Christians do things different ways, and why it's such an important thing in our lives!  I hope that these answers will answer most of your questions you've bottled up inside you for all of these years, and if some of these answers still don't make sense to you yet, please don't feel bad and just leave me a comment.  I'd be happy to make sure you understand!  So here we go....

What is a Christian?

A Christian is when a person believes that there is only one God; who sent His one and only son, Jesus,  to Earth as a perfect being.  Jesus was born by the virgin, Mary.  He was crucified on a cross and had risen on the third day of his death.  We believe to become a Christian, we must confess to God that we are sinners (individually), and that we will never be perfect.  We also believe that Jesus is going to come back for all the Christians and take them to his Kingdom for eternity.  

Who was Jesus?

Jesus is the son of God.  He was born by the virgin Mary.  Jesus performed many miracles such as curing the crippled, walking on water, and much more.  Jesus was crucified on a cross, his hands and feet were nailed to it, and on the third day of his death he had risen!  Jesus told the people that he was going to be preparing a place (Heaven) for those who believe in him, and that one day he will come back and take all of his followers to Heaven, the new place he has prepared.

What happens to all of the other people when Jesus has taken the Christians to Heaven?

All the unbelievers who are left on Earth, after Jesus has taken his followers (Christians) to his Kingdom, unbelievers will stay on Earth for seven more years until Jesus, yet, comes again to take more followers of him to Heaven.  Within those seven years, people will be ruled by someone who we call, the Anti-Christ.  Most people in those seven years will choose the Anti-Christ over Jesus.  Those seven years will be the unbelievers last chance to come forth to God!  After the last seven years are up, Jesus will come and get the new believers, and take them to His Kingdom; and He will destroy the Anti-Christ.

Who is the Ant-Christ?

No one knows who the Anti-Christ is.  That is, his human form, at least.  We know that the Anti-Christ will be a follower of Satan.  He will be very successful, he will seem very amazing, so who wouldn't want to follow this amazing person during this crazy time?  After all, a big percentage of the world has disappeared, and here is this person (the anti-christ) who says he will make everything better.  But in the end, the Anti-Christ will be a rotten man, letting thousands of new believers and anyone else who is interested in Jesus be killed.  Though this sounds like a never ending nightmare, believers will keep in mind that God will be coming again for each of His knew family members!  God will be with them every step of the way.

When will Jesus come back?

No one knows when Jesus will come back.  Not even the angels!  That's why Christians are trying to tell more people about God everyday of our lives.  We don't know when Jesus will come back!  So we make sure everyone gets to hear the beautiful message of Jesus.

Well, If your God's so loving and caring, why doesn't He just let everyone go to Heaven?

Since we are all sinners, no matter how nice we try to be, we can never enter the Kingdom of God (Heaven)!  So God has given each of us a gift.  We have a choice if we want to receive that gift or not.  The gift He has given us, is the gift of eternity!  He wants everyone to spend eternity with Him in Heaven!  If we chose to receive His gift for us, meaning we confess our sins to God and that we will never be perfect beings, we will be able to live with God in Heaven for eternity!  But if you chose not to receive His gift, you will be separated from Him and everyone else (those who don't believe), for eternity.

Well some of my family members have died and they weren't even Christians, couldn't I just be with them instead of God?

If someone in your family dies and they did not receive the gift of God, they will go to Hell.  I'm sorry for sounding so straight forward, but there is no way you (or anyone else) will be able to see them, even if you (or anyone else) chose Hell over Heaven. 

So if I go to Heaven I won't be able to see my family and friends that went to Hell?

Yes, you won't, but when we are in Heaven, the Bible says, that there will be no pain and no grieving.  Though we might be really sad right now, God will not let any of that pain or grieving get into our hearts in Heaven.  We just won't feel it.  It's not like He took those feeling for our friends and family away from us, God's Heaven will just be perfect!  So there will be no such imperfect thing or bad feelings that can enter Heaven.
I've done a lot of bad things in my life, does God still want me now even after all I've done?

Everyone sins!  God knows that.  It doesn't matter if you made the tiniest fib in your life, it's just as sinful as if you had robbed a bank (or if you had done something worse).  All sin adds to the same amount.  God is sad for those sins you've made, but He will never go against you, no matter how much you've sinned.  He wants everyone to come to Him, He has a spot for each and everyone of us in Heaven.  But if you choose not to come forth to God in the end, that spot will be empty.

Let's say I wanted to become a Christian, how would I become one?

You need to confess.  Confess to God that you are a sinner and that you realize that He is the one and only God.  If you click here, you can get to a prayer I have written out for you to say.  You can say it in your mind, you can whisper it, you can even crawl under your bed sheets and just talk to Him.

What if I become a Christian and then sin, does that mean I go to Hell now?     

No!  That's the best part about this relationship with God.  If you sin, God doesn't back out of your relationship!  Now, this doesn't mean it's okay for you to sin anyway, and still get a free ticket to Heaven.  Don't think you can take advantage of God's gift.  Because God knows!  He knows if you are really coming to Him and excepting His gift for you or not. 

When everyone gets to Heaven, God will judge each and everyone of us, for all of the sins we have done.  In the Bible, it says that will be a grieving moment for all of us.  It also says it will be over quickly.  It may seem really long to us right now (cause we've all sinned so much), but it won't be.  It will be almost in an instant.  I'm not sure how it will all work out (cause, ya know, i'm not god), but He'll know for sure!

Is it true we'll be with Him for eternity?

Yup!  And it still blows my mind!!!  I can't even imagine what it's going to be like.  I'm starting to get a little misty eyed right now;)  For all of you believers who follow my blog, I can't wait to meet you!  I can see a fuzzy image of us chatting with each other, laughing, and praising God;]  I can't wait for Heaven...

If you have anymore questions about God and Christians, leave me a comment and I'll add it to the list with the answer!