Friday, November 16, 2012

things that make my mind spin......

Hey guys,  I'm back from Florida!  I had a great time ;)  It was a nice break from life and I think I needed that to give myself a breather. 

Remember when I told you guys in my last post how I need to talk to you guys about something?  Well, I will tell you now... I guess.  To be honest, my mind is just sitting in the land of fog.  But nevertheless, I will tell you guys what's been on my mind.


I've been drawing a lot more - a lot more!  My style in art is changing every time my pencil hits paper and I'm loving it.  This is what I've wanted for so long.  I'm drawing and actually liking most of what comes out of the sketch.  It's wonderful.

My mom and I have been looking into the school DigiPen.  It's a great art school in our area and it's close to my house.  The best part, is that some of the teachers have worked for Disney Animation Studios before.  It's quite amazing!  DigiPen is a college, so I have a while before I can attend.  But I am just so excited and want to learn more about the school.

And what's even more cool, family members that live less than a half an hour away from DigiPen have said they are willing to let me stay at their house if I go to that school.  Wow, that would be amazing!

But I just have one problem.  I now have a new passion.  One that I didn't even know would come up into the mix of things.  I love it just as much as drawing, and possibly even more!
I have always loved to write.  When I was in middle school, I started writing novels I wanted to publish one day.  Back then, I knew I wanted to be an author when I was older but I was on the fence about it.  One, I knew it wasn't the best of a living (I think the average writer makes 60k - 80k a year) and two, I knew writing takes time; I hate deadlines, and I wouldn't like a company yanking on my chains to finish something - especially if it was writing a book!
I've been taking a creative writing class at my school and it has challenged me to write in ways I never thought possible. I love it! And I've been writing something big. It's part novel, part script for a BBC Sherlock episode. I have never been so excited about something in my entire life. My whole story is coming together so nicely and I've really become obsessed with writing and thinking about it. And you know what? It's making me want to go back to England. I thought to myself a while back ago, "What if I became a writer and lived in England?" 
All of a sudden I got this overwhelmed feeling - I don't know if it was in heart, soul, or gut - but I knew that I wanted to do this. In a weird way, it was almost as if God was telling me to do this.  Or at least to plan for it, I'm still not out of high school. 
I was quickly pushing the thought of moving to England out of my head, "Nope!  You are going to be a Disney Animator that lives in California!  You cannot move and live in England!  That's crazy!  You could never do that!  NO!"  And then, as if someone whispered into my ear, I heard, "Why not, Allie?  Why couldn't you do that?  What's stopping you?"  I knew this was God telling me this, He was calling me to do something, "What if I want you there for a reason?"
I am literally writing a pros and cons list about choosing between two of these major future decisions!  I'm not done talking about this yet, but I need a breather from this topic (and I know you guys do too!).  So this will be a "To Be Continued" post......