Tuesday, November 26, 2013

a running start at life

Some of you may or may not know that I have been in the Running Start program for that past 2 and a half months, but needless to say (after the obvious intro to this post), I have... been in Running Start, that is.  Let me start over.

Running Start is a program offered to Juniors and Seniors in high school who want to switch from high school classes to college classes at their local community college (mind you, these high school students attend ALL college classes with ALL college students).  All classes are covered financially by state taxes except for food, parking permits, and books.  The benefit of this is that once a high schooler graduates (from high school), they not only receive their High School Diploma, but also an AA degree at the community college they're attending.  And that's what I've been doing for the past 2 and a half months.

I really enjoy going to community college!  I think it's challenging, but at the same time, I'm not drowning.  Right now, it seems I've adjusted to the college so much, it doesn't feel like I'm...(how can I pust this?)... I guess I feel like it's just regual work?  You know how you get used to a new grade after a few months, it's not that hard anymore?  That's how I feel about this.  Sure, there are days where I feel swamped, but it just seems part of the norm, now.  And I still can't believe I'll have two years of college once I'm out of here!

But as they say, starting something new and challenging, brings new responsabilities... okay, no one has really ever said that (but I'm saying it now).  Another thing that is starting to become the norm in my mind (well, I've actually been thinking about this since I was 12) is looking at colleges after Running Start.  Right now, I've been looking at colleges more on the financial side and where I see myself less than 2 years from now. 

For those interested in what my "degree plan/strategy" is, feel free to continue (skip if you're not).  My plan is to attend a somewhat private art school close to my house, getting my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Art & Animation (BFA).  I would then like to make my way down to the beautiful sun-shine state, California.  From that point on, things get a little fuzzy; a work in progress, you might say.  I would like to start working at getting my Creative Writing & English degree by transferring my 2 years of Running Start credits to a Cali school.  Also during that time, which I might have a hard time with (this is where it gets fuzzy), I would then like to begin working at Disneyland parks (I don't even care if I have to clean up puke, I'm working there) and interning at Disney Animation Studios or Pixar Animation Studios.  Yeah, it's a lot!  My main concern is the money, but if it's on my heart, I think God will provide some options for me.  And on top of everything, I would like to go study abroad in England, but after all of what I've listed here, I think that needs to be excluded at the moment...

Now that I've talked about what I want to do, what do YOU guys want to do?  I'm very curious!  What schools would you like to go to?  Where do you see yourself living in 5 years?  I'm all ears (or eyes and fingers... I'll read your comments and then write back to you).

Goodnight, my Lovelies!

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